“Black Widow” made $60 million from Disney+ viewers during its premiere weekend

Disney+ has been reluctant to disclose the sales of Premier Access movies like Mulan, But it is now eager to brag.As Video club report, Disney has disclose That Marvel blockbuster Black widow An estimated revenue of more than 60 million U.S. dollars was obtained from customers who paid 30 U.S. dollars per person for Premier Access alone. This is more than a quarter of the approximately $215 million in revenue that Disney expects from all sources, including U.S. and international box office sales.

The company also boasted Black widow It was the largest box office opening in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic, just right F9. However, it’s not difficult, because movie theaters usually have Try to attract the audience When they did not deal with widespread closures.

We don’t expect Disney to provide Premier Access numbers on a regular basis, especially as the pandemic continues (hopefully) fades and more and more people are willing to venture into theaters.To some extent, the media giant needs $60 million in figures to Black widowThe debut sound is even more impressive. We should add that it is difficult to compare it with the data of competitors such as Amazon and Netflix. They do not have the Premier Access equivalent, so they measure the success of original movies based on ratings and new subscriptions.

Nonetheless, this is an important milestone for Disney because it Switch to streaming. After months of silence, the Premier Access number can now be easily mentioned. Even if Premier Access gradually fades out of the background, it is now an important part of Disney’s film distribution strategy.

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