“FIFA 22” will bring more realistic football to the next generation of consoles on October 1st

EA does not just give Madden Football League If players play games on next-generation consoles, they will get an upgrade.Published Unveil FIFA 22, The core of which is a new “HyperMotion” system. According to reports, when you Game console 5, Xbox X series/second Or google stadiumThe technology uses machine learning to produce animations in real time, thereby generating more “organic” movements. HyperMotion also allows EA to capture motion for professional football (aka football) players who play at full speed, including superstars such as Paris Saint-Germain’s Kylian Mbappé.

The game will also land on PS4, Xbox One and PC (via Origin and Steam).A kind FIFA 22 Legacy Edition Coming soon to Nintendo Switch, although EA did not outline the differences.

Thankfully, no matter what platform you use, there are other substantial changes. EA hinted at a “complete” overhaul of the goalkeeper system, a new club creation experience in career mode, “reimagined” Walter Football And FIFA Ultimate Team Heroes item sets representing the stories of legendary players.

FIFA 22 Will be released on October 1 for all supported platforms.

versus Madden, It is clear that EA is not yet fully prepared to give up support for the previous generation of consoles. Considering the larger player base and the shortage of limited PS5 and Xbox series owners, this is not surprising. However, it is clear that the gaming giant wants to provide a strong motivation to play on the new machine.Don’t be surprised if FIFA 23 Disconnect PS4 and Xbox One players.

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