Ember Data Conference Minutes-2014/07/02


Igor Terzic

Although most of our collaboration is conducted on Github, IRC (#emberjs On freenode.net), and our Discourse site
The Ember Data team meets privately via Google Hangout every Wednesday at 11 am Pacific Standard Time to discuss everything about Ember-Data every week.



PushPayload discussion

We discussed PushPayload proposal

@wycats concluded that the initial decision was pushPayload Accept one at the store type The argument is wrong.Decided that instead of creating a few new hooks, the best approach seems to be to add one normalize Way to the shop.

So instead of doing pushAndNormalize From the discussion proposal, you can do

store.push(type, store.normalize(type, payload))

It seems good to have one normalize The method on the store is as serialize It already exists on the model.


@hjdivad with @terzicigor Recently added one
groupedRecordsForFindMany Hook on the findCoalescing branch to enable users to decide how to group merged requests.

The hook was given +1.We also realize that this hook will also resolve For findMany, the URL is too long

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