Tracksmith summer running equipment causes a sensation

Depending on where you are, the running clothes you need in summer and winter will vary greatly. Even in July, there should be enough sunshine throughout the year to use Tracksmith’s latest collection of summer shorts and shirts. They are very smart and welcome the summer heat in many ways to obtain pleasant and comfortable running equipment. Most of the new Tracksmith clothing is available for women and men. I gave men’s clothing some hands-on time.

Run Cannonball running shorts

These Run Cannonball Run Shorts can provide dual functions for swimming trunks and running.

Tracksmith does not ask people to choose between swimming trunks and running shorts. Instead, it created mixed shorts designed specifically for both. Making shorts that work well in the pool is a tricky task, which can then be used immediately for running in wet conditions. After trying, my impression is that these shorts are as good as possible. They are a compelling product.

The company named these Run Cannonball Run Shorts after the event that inspired them. This is how it works: in the hot summer, run to the pool, ocean, river or other swimming hole, then make a cannonball and jump into the refreshing water. After a quick swim, continue to run back. The shorts should be able to handle all of this, from start to finish.

This material is a bit thicker than traditional running shorts. Separating between these two activities, they do feel closer to swimming than running pants. This makes them available for swimming or hot baths all year round. There are two open pockets, one on each side. But there is also a small hidden zipper pocket on the right side, which can easily store keys or earplug boxes. After several RCR tests, the conclusion is: strong swimming trunks, perfectly acceptable running shorts, even if they are wet.

Run Cannonball Run shirt

Run Cannonball Run shirt
A flowing silk shirt with a chest pocket adds charm to the summer collection.
Taylor Hayes

Although Run Cannonball Run Shorts have appeared in Tracksmith’s lineup for a few years, the shirts of the series are new shirts for 2021. It is a shirt that is perfect for running, but it is also suitable for wearing on the go. This lightweight T-shirt is silky smooth and is made of a blend of cotton and polyester.

The men’s shirt is one of the company’s first shirts with chest pockets. Ladies’ vests have no pockets, but they are 10 dollars cheaper.

Most, if not all, Tracksmith’s running gear is tailored for running in some way. This is not surprising. But every once in a while, even if you are not running, the product can be worn well. I choose those because Tracksmith’s clothes are well made-soft and fit. This Run Cannonball Run shirt is one of them and will be used for fitness and leisure.

Strata T-shirt

Strata T-shirt
The Strata T-shirt is a lightweight running shirt that should not sag or stretch.

In an instant, within 200 feet, the Strata T-shirt became one of my favorite shirts. The nylon and elastic fibers that make up the shirt make it super light, without unnecessary stretching or sagging. Normally, the ultra-thin shirts that feel like hovering over your skin are also those that sag with the weakest sweat. If you pull up any part to wipe your eyes, they will also be elongated, but this is not the case with Strata.

There is also Strata Tank in the lineup, but I haven’t tried it. I think it feels the same as a T-shirt. One consideration for lightweight ultra-thin shirts is sun exposure. According to Tracksmith, Strata has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 30 or more. I also noticed that the “active silver” finish it contains helps to eliminate the odor of bacteria. Or to be more precise, due to the silver finish, even after two consecutive days of use (for testing purposes!), I did not notice any smell. All in all, this shirt is golden, albeit only in ivory and navy.

Falmouth shorts

Falmouth running shorts
Falmouth shorts look good and can be worn anywhere, but they are still great for running.

Falmouth shorts continue the trend of being able to assume dual responsibilities for multiple tasks. Here, these running shorts are not swimming trunks, but to be able to wear all day without being too flashy or fitness-oriented. Imagine going to the store in these shorts, drinking coffee or doing multiple errands, and then you can go for a run without having to find a place to change clothes. This is the goal here. Whether you are running or going out, you can wear them according to your mood.

The shorts successfully fulfilled a dual purpose. I wore them out, and they performed very well as ordinary shorts. There is no belt loop, so if you plan to pack a heavy phone and wallet into your pocket, you need to fit snugly. The elastic waistband itself is strong enough, but may give up when facing a full pocket.

As running shorts, they perform equally well. The zip fly is a bit weird, but it doesn’t change any aspect of the journey. The $128 price tag may cause some hesitation. I’m glad these can handle dual tasks well and may help reduce costs. Regardless of whether they meet your requirements, they are an attractive pair of shorts that work well both on the road and on the road.

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