Chinese diplomats call the U.S. dominance “decline” but it is difficult to surpass

The Vice Foreign Minister of China said on Friday that US hegemony is declining, but pointed out that it is still difficult to surpass the US to become the world’s leading power.

Speech to Chinese official media Guancha On Friday, Le Yucheng stated that the United States continues to represent the most powerful and powerful country in the world, but the country is suffering ideologically.

“The decline of the United States is not a decline in power, but a decline in hegemony,” Le said. South China Morning Post. “If a country is strong or weak, hegemony will decline, but hegemony will not flourish.”

Despite this, Le continued to say that the United States “is still the number one powerful country” and “it will be difficult to surpass it for a long time.”

Chinese Foreign Minister continues to criticize the President Joe Biden Approaching China in an aggressive posture and claiming that the government is trying to destroy and contain China.

“The biggest challenge faced by a superpower like the United States always comes from within. Destroying China is by no means a good way to solve American problems,” Le said. post. “We hope that the United States will return to rationality and return to the right path of dialogue and cooperation. It will not turn resisting China into a policy, nor turn it into’political correctness’,” he continued.

Le added that international organizations headed by the United States, such as the Four-nation Security Dialogue (Quad) and the Group of Seven (G7) focusing on the Asia-Pacific region, are examples of the country’s attempts to define “international society” while opposing China. The Foreign Minister also Accuse the United States and other Western countries of accusing China of violating human rights in Xinjiang.

On September 28, 2012, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng delivered a speech at the meeting on the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan in Beijing.
Wang Zhao/AFP/Getty Images

In January, the United States became First country Officially declared that China’s actions were genocide, after previous reports that China had placed more than 1 million Uyghurs in Detention camps in Xinjiang And force them to work in dangerous conditions against their will.The country has also been accused of using complex technology Invade the telephone and technology of ethnic minorities

Le’s statement on Friday comes as several US officials are issuing warnings that China’s economy and military are growing rapidly.

Last month, the Republican Senator of Utah Mitromny It warned that China is expected to become “the world’s most powerful economy and the world’s most powerful military.” This may be the most significant challenge facing US foreign policy.

“I think the President is becoming more and more aware of this challenge, and so is his Secretary of State. [Antony] Brinken, I think they want to unite our alliance to awaken this reality and take action to prevent China from embarking on the path of confrontation and military aggression,” Romney is accepting CNNof Union State.

Similarly, in a recently published interview Financial Times, Advanced NATO Officer Stewart Pitch commented China’s rapid military expansion.

“China is building ships so fast, the Chinese Air Force is so modernized, how much it has invested in network and other forms of information management, especially facial recognition, which is shocking,” Pitch told the news media.

Weekly newspaper The White House was contacted for more comment, but did not respond to the publication in time.

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