The video shows Heckler calling Caitlin Jenner a “sick freak” and “Bruce” at CPAC in Dallas

On Friday, California governor candidate Caitlin Jenner was questioned and ridiculed in the Dallas hotel where the Conservative Party Political Conference (CPAC) was held. A man called the 71-year-old transgender woman a “pathological freak.”

The Olympic gold medalist decathlete announced in April last year that she intends to participate in California’s 2022 governor election. Yesterday she was seen talking to fans in the Hilton Anatole Hotel, when the questioner was holding a recording phone Come closer. The man repeatedly referred to Jenner as “Bruce” and asked the former reality TV star to “remember Jesus Christ.”

“Hey Bruce, what do you think of the things they teach about LGBTQ in school,” asked the social media questioner, who claimed to be a “black conservative missionary.”

Jenner continued to ignore the questioner. When Jenner approached the waiting vehicle outside the lobby, the questioner said, “Look at that sick monster.” The questioner also used a practice commonly referred to as “dead names,” in which transgender people are deliberately referred to as the names they used before the transition. In Jenner’s case, the questioner said “Bruce” many times during the recording.

During CPAC, many jokes were made at the expense of transgender athletes and celebrities, including the right-wing podcast Jesse Keller, who made a mocking “news” skit on the US women’s gymnastics team.

“The American women’s gymnastics coach was asked if he was worried about his team’s lack of female elegance. The coach was a bit defensive and said sharply, “We may not be the most feminine team on the planet, but these girls have ball competition,” Kelly said in the skit that the skit took place on the desk of the “Socialist News Network”, and there was a “CNN“Piracy sign.

Jenner seemed to ignore the incident completely, instead focusing on criticizing the Democratic governor of California Gavin Newson. During the appearance of Friday Fox and friends, Jenner said that “California has no common sense in government” and expressed full support for Newsom’s removal.

Weekly newspaper Contact Jenner’s representatives and CPAC organizers for any additional comments on Saturday afternoon events.

Caitlin Jenner was harassed at the CPAC venue in Dallas on Friday and was referred to as “Bruce.” The California governor candidate attended a grand event in Los Angeles on February 15, 2020.
Paul Archuleta/Getty

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