The Silverhawks animation series is undergoing restart treatment

Animated 80s showing Silverhawks

Animated 80s showing Silverhawks
image: Rankin/Bass Animation Entertainment

Blessed are the babies born in the 80s! Silver eagles Coming back to TV.

deadline Reporting on The Nancelle Company, which produced several shows, such as Disney+ Behind the attractionAnd Netflix Zac Efron is down to earth, Is collaborating with Silverhawks LLC to bring space-themed animation programs back to life in a major way.First episode Silver eagles Released in 1986 by Rankin/Bass Productions (they also produced Thunder Cat).

The high concept show took place in the 29th century and told about the heroes of the metal body responsible for protecting citizens Limbo Galaxy. Unfortunately, Silver eagles No popularity Thunder Cat And only survived 65 episodes in one season.

Pop culture toy maker Super7 acquired Silver eagles IP and excited about the new series. “Silver Eagle Super7 founder and owner Brian Flynn (Brian Flynn) said: “This is a beloved franchise that has been neglected for too long. Silver Eagle Let hard-core fans and a new generation of fans return to the limelight and experience the magic Silver Eagle first. “

The two collaborators are passionate about cooperation.

“When I talked to Brian Flynn for the first time, I was like a man character! “Yes, tell me where to sign! “Said Brian Volk-Weiss, founder and CEO of The Nacelle Company.

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