According to reports, the US Federal Trade Commission is investigating Amazon’s acquisition of MGM

Amazon acquires MGM It may take longer than planned. information source Said that the Federal Trade Commission has launched an “in-depth” investigation into the potential antitrust abuse of Amazon’s acquisition of MGM. Officials worry that the acquisition may “illegally enhance” Amazon’s influence in providing goods and services, not just the content it produces.

MGM declined to comment. We have asked Amazon to comment.

The investigation will not be completely unexpected. The FTC and the Ministry of Justice agreed to review the transaction because the frequent large-scale technology critic Lina Khan Named FTC Chairman. Amazon has been looking forward to the suppression, even Ask the Khan to evade In the coming situation. She is not expected to withdraw from the MGM investigation.

This does not necessarily cause the FTC to block the transaction. However, it may impose conditions on the purchase, and it is easy to postpone the final transaction for a few months.Google spent more than a year Complete the acquisition of Fitbit — Amazon may have to wait a similar amount of time to own MGM, provided there are no major obstacles.

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