Matt Schlapp and Chris Cuomo Spar involved election fraud in a hot deal

CNN Chris Cuomo On Friday, the chairman of the American Conservative Party (ACU), Matt Schlapp, had a heated exchange on unconfirmed allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Cuomo is talking with Schrapp about the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) event in Dallas, Texas. ACU organizes CPAC and predecessors President Donald Trump will deliver a speech Was there on Sunday. Their conversation lasted about 12 minutes.

Cuomo asked why CPAC will focus on voter fraud in 2020. Schrapp argued that there was fraud in the last presidential election, stating that the signature on the mailed ballot has not been verified in Georgia and Clark County, Nevada. Trump made these claims at the end of 2020, and fact checkers debunked these claims.

Cuomo refuted Schrapp’s claim of voter fraud, and the conversation quickly became combative.

“Say there is fraud doesn’t mean-even if you are right, well, according to your own assertion-you didn’t check all the boxes you should do,” Cuomo said.

“I’m not saying you are right, and no court says you are right. And all the suggestions that prove you will prove this over time have not been met. But even if it is, it is not fraud. And it is No “This does not mean that the election was stolen. However, the people at CPAC chanted,’Trump won. The election was rigged. ‘Do you really believe it? Trump won? “

“I think what we should do in the United States is to abide by the voting rules,” Schrapp said.

“with What did the secretary of state do in Georgia He is a Republican—not a Republican like me—but he signed an illegal consent order that does not check and verify the signatures of people who voted by mail due to the coronavirus. Our postal voting reached the highest level in history. “

According to a fact check conducted by the Associated Press (AP) in November of that year, the consent order was signed in March 2020 and did not prevent signature verification of mailed ballots.

Cuomo replied, “But you don’t know of fraud.”

“Yes, I know. Because now, you are using the word fraud…” Shrap said.

“No, you used the word fraud. CPAC used the word fraud. Not me. I used the word you used,” Cuomo interjected.

“Let me use these words,” Shrap replied. “I’m talking. I’m talking. Why don’t you let me use words? What I want to tell you is that if you don’t verify the signature on the mailed ballot, especially if you, in some cases, the number of mailed ballots will be reversed. Times, this is luring fraud, and these votes may be illegal votes.”

As Schrapp continued to speak, Cuomo began to say Republicans People in Georgia say they will conduct the election correctly. Schrapp said that Cuomo was wrong. CNN The host insisted that he was not.

“What we should do in the U.S. is to abide by the voting rules,” said the chairman of the Conservative Party of America. @mschlapp.

“We have a historical level of mail voting… If you don’t verify the signature on the mailed ballot… you are inviting fraud. These ballots may be illegal.”

— Como Prime Time (@CuomoPrimeTime) July 10, 2021

Then the two went back and forth, often talking to each other, because Schrapp claimed fraud, which Cuomo dismissed.

In the end, Cuomo said: “I don’t understand why you put your conservative platform on this. You really believe This is how to win the midterm exam Maybe the next president is trying to create doubts about democracy? “

Schrapp denied that this was the concern of CPAC and emphasized the fact that its theme is “the United States has not cancelled.” However, their exchanges continue.

“The facts are not good for you,” Cuomo said. “What I don’t understand is why you want to present a case to the American people that you know is based on a lie. Why do you propose a CPAC for this big lie instead of all the other things you can argue about?”

Schlapp defended CPAC again and mentioned the COVID-19 restrictions, which led to another conflict with Cuomo. The ACU chairman went on to say that he was not popular on CNN, and Cuomo said he was “popular” on the Internet.

Weekly newspaper The Conservative League of America has been asked to comment.

The Chairman of the Conservative Party of the United States, Matt Schrapp, was introduced during CPAC 2019 in National Harbor, Maryland, on March 1, 2019. Schrapp clashed with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Friday over allegations of voter fraud.
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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