Chris Hayes continues to criticize Tucker Carlson’s vaccine comment: “Despicable”

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes criticized Fox NewsTucker Carlson On Friday, again because of his comments on the COVID-19 vaccine, he called Carlson’s remarks on the safety of vaccination “despicable.”

Sponsor With Chris Hayes On Friday I spoke with Angelo Carusone, President and CEO of Media Matters, and discussed some of Carlson’s comments on the COVID vaccine.

Carlson questioned the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine and faced criticism. On Thursday, Hayes asked Carusson some people in the media “just asking questions roughly, you know, against any initiative to support vaccines.”

Carusson emphasized Carlson’s comments Shows that the number of deaths in the United States is higher than normal After vaccination.

He said: “There was a shift in May when Tucker Carlson really started to push the idea that vaccines are killing tens of thousands of people.

“A very, very small conspiracy theory circulated online in the fever swamp.

“He took it out of there and gave it a big boost. This is really when things started to change for Fox News. Since then, it has only strengthened and amplified,” Carusson said

Hayes said: “I should be clear here about what he did, because I think it’s worth taking a moment to talk about his dishonesty and despicableness.”

“There is a public record of tracking the results of the vaccine. Millions of people are being vaccinated, so some of these people die after being vaccinated in the same way as some of all people, especially when you vaccinate older people. , Either die or get sick,” Hayes continued.

“It started on the Internet. People take these examples and say,’Look. Two plus two equals four. The vaccine is killing people.’ It’s just, obviously, very, very stupid, like very stupid, misunderstanding this intentionally or unconsciously. One point,” he said.

Friday was Hayes’ second consecutive night against Carlson on the vaccine issue.Thursday, Hayes Called Fox News figures and former President Donald Trump “cowards.”

“All of them, from Donald Trump To Tucker Carlson, it is cowards in the final analysis,” Hayes said. “They are just chasing the base. They did not lead. They will not tell what they don’t want to hear.

“they I should tell everyone that vaccines are the greatest achievement The Trump presidency,” he said. “You know, this is closer to the truth than Donald Trump said 95%.

Hayes added: “They should hold a MAGA rally for mass vaccinations and free hats.”

Weekly newspaper Fox News has been asked for comment.

MSNBC reporter Chris Hayes talked about possible presidential candidates in 2016 during the Texas Tribune festival at the University of Texas. Hayes criticized Fox News’ Tucker Carlson for the second night in a row on Friday.
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