Ember.js 1.11.1 released


Robert Jackson

Today we released Ember.js 1.11.1, which is a patch level version of Ember, which fixes several regressions introduced in version 1.11.0.

Collection view with attributeBindings

A lot of effort has been invested in the 1.11.0 cycle to ensure attributeBindings Use the same logic as template binding properties.In other words, that attributeBindings Use HTMLBars’ attribute helpers instead of jQuery’s.

Unfortunately, this work resulted in errors CollectionView Instance is used
attributeBindings Specified. This regression has been fixed in 1.11.1.

Invalid URL

Refactoring during the router initialization process caused the error that the browser URL is not synchronized with the correct URL when the back button is pressed during use

This regression has been fixed in 1.11.1.

Handlebar assistant problem

Fixed some regressions for the Handlebars assistant in 1.11.1:

  • Inverse template (aka {{else}} Handlebars helper blocks were not properly considered during HTMLBars conversion).use {{else}} Since 1.9.0, blocks with Handlebars helper no longer work.
  • Even the main block cannot be rendered options.fn() It is called in the assistant. This regression was first introduced in 1.11.0-beta.4.

{{each foos itemControler=”bar”}}’s assertion is incorrect

In the 1.11.0 cycle, a report on {{each}} When the prototype extension is closed.The solution to this problem is to add a more helpful assertion when ArrayControllerThe model does not have Ember.Array Mix into it.Unfortunately, this assertion is also triggered when the model is triggered undefined. Assertion has been updated to ignore falsey modelIn 1.11.1.

{{render}} View Assistant

Used in 1.11.0 {{render}} Helper (ie {{render 'post'}}) When a PostView is present does not provide a template for the view (assuming it is manually specified in the view templateName
property).Starting from 1.11.1, you can specify templateName inside {{render}} Helpers view (similar to 1.11.0), but if you don’t, the view template will default to the template with the same name as the view itself.

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