WhatsApp is adding a “best quality” setting for sending photos and videos

Wechat A setting is being researched that will allow users to more easily bypass their uncertain image compression and send photos and videos with the highest available fidelity. The “Best Quality” option may include the “Automatic” and “Data Protection Program” options in future versions of the application.

It seems that users will eventually be able to choose whether to compress photos and videos to save data capacity, send them in the best available quality, or let WhatsApp automatically choose the best compression level for files.

These settings are present in the update submitted by WhatsApp to the Google Play Beta program, as described by Beta InformationThese options may appear in the public Android version of the app, but it is not clear when-they are currently under development. It is likely that additional image quality options will also appear in iOS, as WhatsApp usually maintains the same functionality on both platforms.

This may be good news for those who do not use stock messaging apps on iOS or Android and often share photos and videos of their loved ones (Apple Messages retains the original image quality most of the time). Simultaneously, Multi-device support Also on the way to WhatsApp.

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