Ember Data v1.0.0-beta.19 released

Ember Data 1.0.0-beta.19 contains many bugfixes from the community! Thank you for helping us promote the stable release of Ember Data!

New features

Snapshot has changed attributes

changedAttributes, Which represents the changes that have occurred since the model was last synchronized with the server, and can now be used on snapshots of adapters and serializers instead of on
DS.Model Instance.

Major changes

Pass the class to the storage method

Previously, you could pass classes directly to store methods, for example store.push:

var record = store.push(App.Post, {id: 1});

Although this is not a very popular method and is generally not recommended in the documentation, it has indeed remained the preferred method in Ember Data testing for a long time. As we started using Ember’s dependency injection framework to achieve consistency, passing these classes directly to storage methods has been removed. Instead, you should pass a string of dashes:

var record = store.push('post', {id: 1});

To help you upgrade with this change, we have written a Ember Watson commandYou can use this command line tool in Ember-CLI projects and “global mode” style projects.

Service depends on the store

In order to fix the deprecation warning caused by Ember 1.12, the store service is now injected as
Instance initializer. Therefore, if you have an initializer that depends on the store, you should move
They also go to the instance initializer and mark it as after: 'ember-data'.

Important deprecation

Removed the fixture adapter

Support for Fixture Adapter has been deprecated. After some thinking, the Ember Data team believes that this is not the right approach for integrated testing.We recommend using AJAX/data transfer stub strategy, for example pretender or
if not.

We will include documentation on integration testing strategies using Pretender in the final version.

The fixture adapter now serves as a Add on.

Browser 8

This will be the last version to support Internet Explorer 8. Future versions of Ember Data will not support Internet Explorer 8

Ember data 1.13 IE8 has been released. Ember Data 1.13 is the last version of Ember Data that supports IE8. Ember Data 2.0 supports IE9+.

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