The head of social security called his dismissal a “Friday night massacre” and he will not leave his post

Andrew Saul, who was appointed by the former president as the head of the Social Security Administration (SSA) Donald Trump In 2019, he refused to leave after being dismissed by the president Joe Biden on Friday.

Saul was fired after refusing to resign as SSA commissioner. David Black, another deputy commissioner appointed by Trump, accepted the request and resigned on Friday. However, Saul insisted that he could not be fired by Biden. tell Washington post He considers himself a “social security commissioner protected by a tenure” and will not leave after the “Friday Night Massacre”.

“This is the first time I or my deputy knows that this will happen,” Saul told the paper in reference to a White House email he received on Friday morning. “This is a lightning that no one expected. Now it puts the institution in a state of complete chaos.”

Although he refuses to leave, if Saul is no longer officially employed in SSA, he may not have legal rights in SSA, and if he returns to his previous workplace next week to resume work, he may be hacked illegally.

Biden dismissed Biden after expressing an opinion at the Department of Justice that the dismissal of Saul was legally permitted. The White House stated that this decision was supported by the Department of Justice’s recent decision. Supreme Court.

The President has appointed Kilolo Kijakaz as the acting SSA commissioner until a permanent replacement is found.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Andrew Saul said at his 2018 confirmation hearing as the head of the Social Security Administration that he does not intend to leave after President Joe Biden fired him on Friday.
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