Woman arrested at McDonald’s after driving into a drive-thru restaurant while chasing a car

According to reports, a woman in Worcester, Massachusetts, was fiercely hunted by the police after stopping at a local restaurant to search for food. McDonald’s Drive-thru.

According to a press release from the Worcester Police Department, a woman identified as 38-year-old Johanna Gardell was arrested by the police who pursued her because she stole a company car in Worcester, about 42 miles from Boston .

“The officer spoke with a male and he reported that a female stranger climbed into his car and drove away,” the police station said. “The owner of the company installed GPS on the car and told the police that the car appeared in the Pelham St area.”

When the police chased Gadder and the stolen vehicle, it was reported that when a policeman approached the car, she drove away.

The Worcester Police Department reported: “The officer returned to his cruiser and followed her at low speed, but she did not stop.” “Ms. Gardell began to speed up on Main St. and passed the red light. For safety reasons, the police officer turned off his lights and sirens and stopped following her.”

It is alleged that Gadder drove into traffic at one time, and other police officers in the area responded to the situation and tried to stop her. According to reports, during the chase, she hit a police car and a police officer with the stolen vehicle she was driving.

A woman allegedly drove into a drive-thru restaurant to order a meal while being chased by a police car and was subsequently arrested at McDonald’s.
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The department said: “She reversed at high speed and hit a cruiser behind her, and knocked down and dragged a detail official.” “For safety reasons, before the hunt was cancelled, the officials chased them at a low speed. Steal a vehicle.”

According to reports, when Gaddell entered the McDonald’s Driveway restaurant in the area “trying to order food,” the chase ended in an unconventional way. Although she ran into another car and tried to escape, the car got stuck in a pile of coverings at McDonald’s.

The police statement stated: “When she was struggling, the officer approached the car and pulled her out.”

The Worcester Police Department also reported that Gaddell has been arrested and is currently facing more than a dozen charges, including failure to stop the police, use of dangerous weapons (motor vehicles) for assault and assault, and unauthorized use of motor vehicles.

The department also pointed out that the police officer who was hit in this ordeal is expected to fully recover because his injuries will not be life-threatening.

Weekly newspaper The Worcester Police Department and McDonald’s were contacted to make more comments on the matter, but did not respond to the announcement in time.

This marks the latest in a series of strange fast-food-oriented crimes. In late June, a mother reported to Maine police that It is said that her child’s Happy Meal contains Suboxone, A prescription drug used to treat opioid dependence.At another McDonald’s in Iowa, a man According to reports, he threatened to blow up the restaurant because he was told they did not have dipping sauce He asked for his chicken nuggets.

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