The 2021 World Blockchain Conference·Hangzhou 6 core topics were announced for the first time, and the strongest hot spot in the second half of 2021 is here! | By Capital | Capital | July 2021


From July 24-25, the 2021 World Blockchain Conference·Hangzhou is about to open.

This year’s World Blockchain Conference will be settled in Hangzhou for the first time! The conference was hosted by the People’s Government of Yuhang District and undertaken by Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City Management Committee and Hangzhou Timestamp Information Technology Co., Ltd.

As of today, the 6 major topics discussed at the conference have been released hotly. These are undoubtedly the 6 hotspots that cannot be ignored in blockchain venture investment in 2021 and even the next few years.

The 2021 World Blockchain Conference Hangzhou will bring together 100+ leading entrepreneurs and researchers in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries from all over the world. They will use 24 hours to interpret the industry opportunities in 2021 for everyone present.

Core question 1: The policy is clearer!The road to China’s blockchain industrialization

On June 7, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Central Cyberspace Administration of China jointly issued an important document requesting that by 2025, the comprehensive strength of my country’s blockchain industry will reach the world’s advanced level, and the industry will begin to take shape. The document even mentions very specifically that it is necessary to cultivate a batch of famous blockchain products, famous enterprises, and famous parks to quickly build a complete blockchain industry chain.

This guidance completely ignited the fire in the hearts of domestic blockchain entrepreneurs. The central and local governments at all levels provided policy support, and now there is a concrete direction for the struggle.

The World Blockchain Conference Hangzhou will be the first large-scale blockchain summit held in China since the publication of this document. Leading domestic alliance chain manufacturers, unicorn companies, and well-known blockchain industrial parks gathered together. There are also some well-known traditional enterprises and academic researchers who are transforming the blockchain will attend the blockchain industry summit! They will discuss in depth the data security, financial service upgrade and implementation related to the empowerment of the real economy with the blockchain. How does China’s blockchain industrialization road go? Just came to Hangzhou to find out.

Core Topic 2: After Super Retracement, DeFi’s Latest Investment Roadmap

In June 2020, Compound started liquid mining, and DeFi officially entered the stage of history. Currently, the locked-in amount of DeFi is approximately US$86.9 billion, a year-on-year increase of 79 times. The top DeFi projects not only made the token price rise dazzlingly, but the super high rate of return of the project itself also refreshed the public’s understanding of whether blockchain projects can make money, and “interest-bearing assets” began to become popular.

In July, the “top players” in the DeFi world gathered in Hangzhou. Top investors included Benmo Blockchain founder Super Bitcoin, IOSG Ventures founding partner Jocy Lin, SevenX Ventures founding partner Liu Qi, and Mable MultiCoin Capital partner Jiang. Everyone confirmed their attendance. In addition, FTX co-founder and CEO SamBankman-Fried (SBF), Aave founder Stani Kulechov, Compound founder Robert Leshner and other overseas community leaders will also meet the domestic public in the form of video for the first time.

How to play DeFI investment in the next 6 months? The most powerful brain is here, isn’t it?

Topic 3: The three major changes in the London upgrade. Ethereum 2.0 and Layer 2 are coming. Where is ETH heading?

Three unsolved mysteries of Ethereum. 1. When will the “London Hard Fork” carrying EIP1559 be held? At present, the Ethereum 2.0 contract has pledged 5.56 million ETH, accounting for 4.79% of the current supply. The upgrade is expected to land in July. 2. When will Ethereum 2.0 come? V God is optimistic that it will be completed by the end of this year. Third, what is the effect of Layer 2? Currently zkSync, Optimistic, and Arbitrum have been launched one after another, Polygon has aggregated a large number of ecological projects, and Layer 2 is moving from concept to actual combat.

The above three changes will run through the second half of 2021, and each time may have a significant impact on the ecology and price of Ethereum. In Hangzhou, top players in all areas of the Ethereum ecosystem will appear, including technology developers, community leaders, mining pool representatives, and DeFi project representatives. In the second half of 2021, can Ethereum carry the banner of the crypto economy? Come to Hangzhou to listen to their insights and feel every pulse of the Ethereum ecology up close.

Topic 4: NFT + meta-universe explosion, how do we enter the virtual world?

In 2021, Beeple’s NFT digital artwork was sold at Christie’s auction for a high price of US$69.3 million. The NFT concept completely broke the circle and detonated the entire market. But then the concept of metaverse opened up the imagination of NFT-human beings are migrating to metaverse! In the future, more than 90% of human activities can occur in the virtual world.

At the Hangzhou World Blockchain Conference, a large number of entrepreneurs, investors, and crypto artists on the NFT track have confirmed their participation, and some big names in the traditional art sector have also announced their participation. For example, Song Jiaji, Dean of Guosheng Securities Blockchain Research Institute, Tao Rongqi, founder of Yuan Universe Capital, and Cao Yin, Managing Director of Digital Renaissance Foundation, will also hold a special NFT exhibition here. From theory to experience, this may be an excellent opportunity to experience Metaverse culture in depth.

Topic 5: The Kusama slot machine auction is officially opened to see how the Polkadot ecology can make waves again

On the 15th, the Kusama slot machine auction officially opened, and more than 500,000 KSMs were locked, accounting for 5% of the total. Until July, Yayoi Kusama will usher in an auction with a total of 5 places. This will be the performance time of each project party and will surely affect the sensitive nerves of the entire community. In fact, as a pioneer network, the Kusama slot machine auction is the focus of the Polkadot eco-practitioners. After BSC, Polygon, Solana and others took turns to seize the spillover effect of Ethereum, the Polkadot ecosystem has also entered a new stage of development. How will it interpret its own legend?

At the Hangzhou World Blockchain Conference, the Kusama slot machine auction has confirmed the final winner, which means that the Polkadot slot machine battle may be staged. Therefore, this conference is not only a gathering of Polkadot ecological practitioners, it is more likely to kick off the Polkadot slot machine auction. During the trip to Hangzhou, we can see the future of Polkadot, and there are many projects.

Topic 6: Swarm joins the battle, who will rise and fall in the crowd of distributed storage?

At 1 am on the 15th, more than 1 million Coinlist accounts competed for the limited purchase of 20,000 Swarm tokens BZZ and spread on the Internet. The launch of Swarm means that the storage track is already “overcrowded.” New and old projects such as Filecoin, BitTorrent, Arweave, Crust, and Storj have not only completed the initial marketing communication, but also entered the actual stage of personal hand-to-hand combat with the help of different positioning and public accounts. Chain vector.

Storage is an inaccessible piece of the puzzle in web3.0, but who is the ultimate king? How to maximize the income of Filecoin mining and how to participate in BZZ? In the context of the hot market, practitioners are puzzled.

In Hangzhou in July, players from the distributed storage track will meet again in Hangzhou to explore new industry gameplay and new golden opportunities.

The weather in Hangzhou is hot in July, but the popularity of the blockchain must be even higher!

Currently, the 2021 World Blockchain Conference Hangzhou is completing the final preparations, and it is expected that more than one hundred global guests will come to the stage to share. By then, just like the previous world blockchain conferences, practitioners of the blockchain track will gather in Hangzhou from all directions for the same idea. In this city full of digital economy innovators, full of imagination and creativity of the times, draw a new blueprint for the blockchain world! 2021 world

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