Russian hackers sabotaged the GOP contractor

Last weekend, a state-sponsored Russian hacker group infiltrated the computer systems of a Republican National Committee (RNC) contractor. Bloomberg It was initially revealed that RNC was compromised by the prolific hacker APT29 (aka Cozy Bear), believed to be behind a series of high-profile cyber attacks on the United States and its allies.

However, Republican officials quickly refuted the report and interjected that the actual victim was a third-party IT service provider called Synnex. This hacking attack was carefully planned against the backdrop of larger supply chain cyber attacks and growing hostility towards cyber espionage between the United States and Russia.

In a statement, Chief of Staff Richard Walters stated that the RNC learned of the attack over the weekend and “immediately blocked all access to our cloud environment from the Synnex account.” After reviewing his system with Microsoft, Walters stated that he had not accessed RNC data.Spokesperson Mike Reid also told Bloomberg “There is no indication that the RNC was hacked or any RNC information was stolen.” Walters added that officials are currently cooperating with law enforcement on this matter.

Due to its focus on its services, GOP contractor Synnex also solve event. The company confirmed that it is aware of “some external actors trying to access its customers through the Microsoft cloud environment.”

As criminals and government-backed hackers use the disruption of work patterns caused by the pandemic to blackmail and cause serious damage, cyber attacks are on the rise.Just a few days ago, after hackers broke into the management software giant’s systems, more than 200 hosting service providers were attacked CassiaPrior to this, Colonial, the leading fuel supplier in the United States, was forced to close one of its main pipelines due to heavy losses. Ransomware attack.

In order to protect the government network, President Biden signed an executive order in May aimed at strengthening network security by improving information sharing between agencies, strengthening the review of third-party software, and public education programs. In addition, Biden called for the development of a formal set of rules to deal with violations, which will be reviewed by the CISA chief.Biden’s Retaliation against RussiaAt the same time, it also includes sanctions on dozens of entities and officials.

It is believed that this Russian government-backed organization implemented the Synnex vulnerability and is one of the most notorious organizations in the world. APT 29 was accused of violating the Democratic National Committee and carrying out large-scale Solar wind The cyber attack last December affected nine U.S. government agencies.It was also cursed for brazen attempts Steal the COVID-19 vaccine Last July.

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