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Hello Emberistas!

read People Blog Or in us Email newsletter What happened to Emberland this week: We have some news about Ember CLI Tied up For you, and Document highlights From people ember-cli-addon-docs, Finally remind you to hand in your Ember Roadmap blog post And the important announcement issued by the learning team for you! 🙆🏾

There is still one week away from Ember’s 2018 blog post collection event. There are already many great blog posts in the community, but we hope there are more!

Write a blog post May 30 Propose goals and directions for Ember for the remainder of 2018. The content of these posts will help the core team draft their first roadmap RFC.

Looking for inspiration?View # EmberJS2018 label On twitter or @zinyado’s repo to collect posts On GitHub.

Recently, a lot of work has landed 🛬 Ember CLI brings the long-awaited Packaging function life(1, 2, 3, 4, 5).Wrappers will increase flexibility Ember Build the pipeline, Paving the way for other concise features such as code splitting and tree shaking, ultimately allowing developers to further significantly reduce the file size of their applications.

Want to review the contents of the Packager function?Be sure to check both Original RFC (Request for Comments) proposal, and also This year’s update This details the motivation behind it.And want to know When Will it eventually land on the Ember app near you? We will inform you as soon as possible in the upcoming issue of “Ember Times” 🔜!

new guides.emberjs.com It’s alive, long live!

The guide is the cornerstone of the Ember experience, and one of the strengths of our community is that anyone can participate in it. Therefore, making it easier for everyone to create content or features is very important. For this reason, a team of contributors has been working on converting the guide from a Ruby/Middleman application to an Ember application for several months. Now, to help process the content, contributors only need to use the Markdown file and view the content on the website, they run the Ember application!

ember-learn/guides-app Contains static site generator from which written content is extracted Source guide Markdown documents. guides-app uses to generate static HTML Due date with Quick StartThe application is currently available through Heroku, and Heroku strongly supports Ember through sponsored hosting and recommendations. (Do you know that running a front-end framework project requires a lot of back-end infrastructure? Other parts of our website rely on Fastly’s support, such as API documentation. We are grateful for so many open source friends 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦!)

Looking to the future, the only part of our website that is not Ember is the website repository, which includes the homepage, blog, and other odds and ends. Everything else has been transferred to the Ember app!If you want to help, please visit #Team learning channel.

This ember-cli-addon-docs It is getting easier and easier to use every day, so there is no reason to stop your software library from being recorded…

A real example of its usage is ember-decorators Documentation: Ember decorator, Which has recently been improved by using add-ons. Give it a try and inspire yourself👩‍🎨 write your own document!

In addition, in the latest version, the following most concise features are provided:

  • new Version selector: Good news when you feel nostalgic for old documents.Now you can add a version selector control to the navigation, allowing you to easily jump back and forth to different document versions, please check Here.

  • “The magic mirror on the wall-who is the most beautiful document?”: ember-cli-addon-docs Has an even number A more beautiful user interface Thanks now ember-cli-tailwind. If you are not familiar with Tailwind, please do yourself a favor and learn more about its power Here.

This week we want to thank @bekzod, @rwjblue, @qpowell, @Chrisdon, @csantero, @kevfinansfield, @Todd Jordan, @dexturr, @kennethlarsen, @sivakumar-kailasam, @BrothersDonaldTrump, @梅尔sumner, @Willibaur, @jessica-Jordan, @axyxnz, @runspired, @赛博诺克斯, @twokul, @chadhietala, @ rondale-sc, @lock, @acorncom, @Dan-st, @nickbender, Mansona, @jaredgalanis, @robbiewain, @chrisrng, @贝斯特拉, @mschinis with @localpcguy Contribute to one or several core projects of Ember ❤️!

Want to know something about Ember, Ember Data, Glimmer, or plugins in the Ember ecosystem, but don’t know where to consult? Readers’ questions are only answered for you!

Submit your own Short and sweet problem under bit.ly/ask-ember-coreDon’t worry, there are no stupid questions, we thank them-promise! 🤞

That is another package! ✨

Be kind,

Miguel Gomes, Kenneth Larsen, Sivakumar Kailasam, Amy Lam, Jessica Jordan, Jen Weber and the learning team

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