Nintendo’s new OLED Switch is priced at US$350 and will arrive on October 8th

Four years after releasing Switch to the world, Nintendo Yes Release an upgraded version Its a very successful console.Rear Years of rumors, The company finally confirmed the existence of a new Switch model with an OLED display. The price is $349.99, and it will arrive on October 8.

As expected, the latest model has Larger seven-inch screenNintendo claims that the more vivid 720p OLED display is a step up from the 6.2-inch LCD screen on the original Switch. The console significantly reduces the bezel and 64GB of storage space, while the docking station has a wired LAN port.

Nintendo promised to achieve “enhanced audio” with the new Switch, which is suitable for all existing Joy-Con controllers. The company offers a traditional neon red/blue color scheme with a black base, or a white/black color scheme with a white base.

The new Switch also looks like Heavily The improved bracket spans the entire width of the back of the console. It can be supported at any angle, and it looks much stronger than the small, fragile piece of plastic supporting the old Switch.

However, as the report broadly implies, there is no 4K output when docked. You can still only play at the maximum resolution of 1080p on the TV. Nintendo has not upgraded any other internal components. OLED devices are rumor There is a new chipset that supports NVIDIA DLSS upgrade technology, but this time it is not the case.The company also warned that adjustments such as a larger screen mean that the new Switch may not be compatible with Nintendo Labo products.

The original Switch is still sell like hot cakes, So there is a reason that Nintendo does not need to upgrade the console for the time being. But the original Switch’s display and huge bezels will start to look a little dated in 2021; this OLED screen should significantly modernize the experience. In other words, for those who want to save some cash, Nintendo will continue to sell the original Switch, at least for now.

Demand is likely to far exceed supply.Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa Tell investors In the May conference call, the company was still dealing with shortages and production issues.This Current global semiconductor scarcity It will also limit production capacity. Therefore, the new Switch may be more difficult to find than the current console.

Since the release of the original Switch in 2017, Nintendo has released a modified version Battery upgrade. It also released a handheld-only Toggle Lite In 2019. Two years later, it was a logical move to move in another direction through the upgraded Switch. However, I wish you can get it soon.

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