No wireless earbuds will offer ANC for $99

Nothing borrows strategy from its founder, Carl Pei Previous performance at OnePlus: Introduce technical details in detail before product release.The startup revealed that its Ear 1 true wireless earplugs Three microphones will be included for active noise reduction, and the price will be US$99 (£99).This is not much cheaper than value-for-money competitors such as Amazon The second generation Echo Buds, But if you are cost-conscious, it is certainly enough to get your attention.

The company will officially launch Ear 1 at a press conference on July 27.So far, known buds include partially transparent Junior Engineering The design will boast “leading specifications”, although it is not clear what is beyond ANC.

As you might guess, the challenge is to provide quality that matches the promotion. ANC will help isolate music and podcasts, but it doesn’t matter if the sound quality is only average.There is nothing to prove that it can provide reliable sound at its asking price, especially if it is to compete with Echo Buds or similar products from Google Pixel Bud A.

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