Universal Pictures’ film will debut on “Peacock”

Beginning in 2022, Universal Cinemas will be peacock First, not on HBO.This means that next Jurassic World And new Halloween The film will debut on a streaming service owned by its parent company Comcast.according to species with Wall Street Journal, Universal Pictures’ films will be exclusively broadcast on Peacock within four months of theaters and the last four months of the 18-month window.

During these 10 months, these movies will be licensed to approximately 2 to 3 additional partners, although none of them have exclusive rights to the movies. Universal has not announced the list of other partners, and it is not clear whether HBO is one of them. species Said that by adopting a segmented TV release schedule, Universal hopes to avoid over-saturation or make its movies look outdated. In addition, streaming media platforms are clearly willing to pay high prices for popular movies in order to stand out from the ever-increasing competitors.

Whether this will lead to an increase in Peacock’s subscribers remains to be seen. Just a month ago, Comcast released an application to make streaming services available to more potential audiences. Amazon Fire TV And tablet and Samsung’s smart TV. Peacock too growing up Its recent sports live broadcast product portfolio has announced that it will broadcast 44 Premier League Lacrosse League games this season starting on June 4th.

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