Cardano Foundation’s new future plan: Join 10 Fortune 500 companies, 1 billion users and 50 banks | Author: The Crypto Basic | Capital | July 2021

The goal of the Cardano Foundation is for Fortune 500 companies that own and use ADA.

In recent YouTube videos (The video is as follows)Frederick Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, shared some of the lofty goals that the Charles organization has set for itself in the next five years.

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According to the Cardano Foundation’s strategy, by 2024, three Fortune 500 companies can own and use ADA. Other goals include increasing the diversity of activities on the chain, publishing three more white papers, and promoting the growth of wallet addresses.

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By 2026, Cardano will become a self-sustaining system fully controlled by users. Proof-of-stake blockchain, Cardano plans to develop a set of services with 1 billion users. In addition, the Cardano Foundation expects that 10 Fortune 500 companies will hold ADA by 2026.

Speaking of short-term goals, the Cardano Foundation plans to increase interoperability and join 50 banks by 2022.

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Currently, Tesla and Square are the only Fortune 500 companies with Bitcoin balances. According to their latest regulations, none of them owns any altcoins.

As far as the founder of Cardano and his team is concerned, once the smart contract is launched, Cardano is likely to attract Fortune 500 companies and increase its users exponentially.

Watch the video on the official Cardano Foundation You Tube channel:

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