Sony’s next state will focus on the “death cycle”

Sony’s next playback status display will focus on , The PlayStation 5 game console to be sold exclusively from Arkane Studios.flow Will feature Watch the first-person time loop adventure in nine minutes, and the stealth and combat functions have time to shine.

After several delays, Endless loop Should reach PS5 and PC . Microsoft and Bethesda will be in Unusual situation They released a game that you can’t play on Xbox for a whole year.

Updates to other third-party games and some independent games are also in the 30-minute game status summary.What you won’t see during the show Horizon Forbidden West, or . Although Sony has recently 19 minutes Horizon Forbidden West With gameplay, the company is smart enough to set expectations for content that will not appear to alleviate disappointment. In other words, Sony urges fans to “keep an eye on it throughout the summer” because the update will come soon.

Sony skip Again this year, but PlayStation was announced as , Which shows that the state of the game is imminent. You can watch the live broadcast on Twitch or YouTube at 5 PM EST on Thursday, July 8th.

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