Eric Adams is expected to become the next mayor of New York City after the latest statistics

The absentee ballot statistics released on Tuesday night showed that Eric Adams is still expected to become the next mayor of New York City, and he is still ahead of other challengers in the Democratic primary.

According to the latest statistics from the Election Commission, Brooklyn District Mayor and retired Sheriff Adams leads the former head of the health department Catherine Garcia by 50.5% to 49.5%. They opened with a difference of 8,426 votes, and only about 3,700 votes were unfinished. Leading progressive candidate Maya Wiley (Maya Wiley) ranked third.

Adams said in a statement: “Although there are still a very small number of votes to be counted, the result is clear: a historic, diverse, and five borough coalition led by the New York working class. We won the election. The Democratic primary for the mayor of New York.”

The results are unofficial and may still be challenged, but the Associated Press called Adams’ primary election on Tuesday night.After various sports threatened to take legal action Very big mistake The board of directors caused an error count a week ago and put the city’s first choice election into chaos.

The board attributed the error to human error and requested forgiveness, which included 135,000 “test” votes.

Adams will become the city’s second black mayor after David Dinkins. He is a unique moderate candidate who can use the police to deal with the soaring gun violence and hate crimes. Reform of the sector. Both he and Garcia showed late support, rejecting progressive calls for the “disinvestment” of the police.

Given the large number of Democratic voters in New York City, it is widely expected that the winner of the party’s primary election will win the November general election.

Under the ranking selection system, voters can select up to five candidates in order of priority. The failed candidates will be eliminated and their votes will be redistributed in turn until there are only two challengers left.

Adams first come After the initial vote, but after the results of the sorting process were announced last week, his lead narrowed to only 15,908 votes. One day later, when they were corrected, the gap between him and Garcia was only 14,755 votes, and there were about 124,000 absentee votes to be counted.

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