“Borderland” filming completed

This is a package Borderlands movie Production, now the actors and staff have completed the main photography. To celebrate this event, Gearbox and Lionsgate released our first clear display of the funky, talkative robot Claptrap, the movie franchise. Before that, they only showed us images with character silhouettes, but now we have a high-resolution photo of Claptrap with a clapper on it, announcing that the shooting is complete.

Gearbox/Lions Gate Pictures

In a film based on Gearbox’s first-person shooter series, Cate Blanchett plays Lilith, a treasure hunter who returns to his home planet Pandora. In order to find Atlas’ missing daughter (described in the most powerful SOB in the universe), she worked with the once-respected soldier Roland (Kevin Hart) and youth demolition expert Tiny Tina (Ariane Green). Blatt) teamed up with her muscular protector Krieger (Florian Montenu), scientist Tannis (Jamie Lee Curtis) and fashionable robot Clapper (Jack · Black). “These unlikely heroes must fight alien monsters and dangerous bandits to find and protect the missing girls, who may have incredible powers,” the summary of the film reads.

Lions Gate Pictures Announce that hostel Director and shameless bastard Star Eli Ross will direct Borderlands Film adaptation in early 2020. The project has been developed since 2015, but did not officially start production until the end of last year. Now that the shooting is complete, all we can do is wait for the premiere date and hope that the film will treat the game fairly.

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