Netflix is ​​losing its cool

only one I have no reason to cancel my Netflix subscription.I’ve been calculating the days when the streaming service releases the second season of Tim Robinson’s sketch show I think you should leave(Almost coming! It will be released on July 6.) But once I read Robinson’s latest content, it may be time to crush the unsubscribe button.In the past year, the most popular Streamer Has become the least I look at. If the application can collect dust, it will have spider webs.

Netflix is ​​the facial tissue of the streaming media field, and the dominant position of this brand is enough to represent the entire market. (After all, this is not “Hulu and chill”.) However, there are signs that this mutual influence is weakening. Shining new competitors, especially HBO Max and Disney+, have launched their own powerful streaming media library. In addition, a series of smaller anchors have established themselves by catering to niche audiences.Movie lovers include MUBI, Ovid and Criterion; horror fans shudder; for Anime lovers, And Crunchyroll and Funimation; the list goes on.As competitors multiply in the U.S., they are stealing previous Netflix staples, such as office with friends And launch the same movie-like features as Netflix reward bait IrishmanThe original streaming media giant finally faces real competition.

This week, Wired magazine published a series of articles on the current state of streaming media services. First: Netflix.

Build buzz on the hot topics of these newer services, such as Wanda Vision On Disney+ or HBO East Town Mare— Streaming analyst Sarah Henschel said that it is understandable that Netflix now feels less popular. But she thinks its dominance is far from over. “Netflix still shocks everyone, and they are still the market leader.” Financially, it is in a good position: the number of subscribers has soared by more than 200 million recently, and it has finally Stop borrowing moneyHenschel attributed Netflix’s reputation to Covid-related production delays. More importantly, she believes that Netflix is ​​unparalleled in the international market. Netflix operates in 190 countries/regions, has a strong lead over everyone else, and invests resources in cross-border performances from all over the world, such as funny French jumping Lupin.

Although Netflix has increased subscribers globally, its domestic market share ShrinkingAs this happens, competitors are entering.According to the analysis of streaming guide ReelGood, HBO Max is the most popular blockbuster release this spring and early summer Mortal Kombat with Gorilla v. Hole. Its action movie tag team became Netflix’s biggest hit, Undead Army, Looks very cowardly. In addition, although Netflix continues to build itself into a streaming media company that doubles as a studio, Amazon directly acquired a studio, MGM.And some of Netflix’s local attempts to make their own game of Thrones-The cultural touchstone of style or Marvel style has surprisingly failed; a TV adaptation of Mark Miller’s comics Jupiter’s legacy, Originally intended as a launch pad for the superhero franchise, Abruptly canceled Debut less than a month.

The thing is like this: Jupiter’s legacy There are mediocre comments. When the competitor’s list becomes more popular, mediocrity becomes more and more a burden. I think you should leave In addition to this, another show that I see people hyping up that will be broadcast on Netflix is ​​that nightmarish furry-themed dating show Sexy beast. Although its commitment to the grotesque looks admirable, Sexy beast It looks like humorous garbage at best.This is not to say that Netflix has no valuable content at all-a limited series of food shows High above What I think of is the recent creative success-but its ratio of nonsense products to true winners is completely closed. At least for me, there are too many fillers and not enough TV reservations to justify the price, especially other streaming media asking me for money.


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