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Em Hello Emberistas! 🐹

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This week you can learn how to make Embers inspector The best inspector ever✨, Single word angle bracket call, how is it Ember + WebAssembly Now is the best friend👐.Find out when to snack 🍿 and join Embers data Live 🎥. Confused Human lifeline with Embers concurrency? Check out the new reader questions in this issue of Ember Times 💯, and uncover the mystery.

We are working hard to make Ember Inspector the world-class DevTools you deserve, and hope to get your comments and help!

We want to hear your feature requests and ideas, the pain points you encounter, and anything you can think of. You hope to see it in future iterations of Ember Inspector.please check Discussion post And leave your thoughts, stop at any time #ember-inspector Chat on the channel on Slack or let us know that you want to help contribute!

Since last Monday, single word component names can now be used Angle bracket call syntaxCalling components via angle brackets is already available, the novelty is that you can now also use this syntax for single word components.

For example, polyfill supports component names, such as <Button>, <Modal> with <Tab>.

For more information, please check the relevant RFC section Here.

Live broadcast It’s great to share knowledge about the internal structure of your favorite library.in his Twitch Channel, Ember data contributor @runspired Will take you there Tour Ember Data Highlight the characteristics of the project.

The first stream on writing and refactoring the Ember Data test suite was launched on Sunday, but there will be more in the future! ✨You can view and comment Announcement thread on Twitter And transfer into @runspired’s live channel For future streaming media sessions, broadcast Every Tuesday and Friday in 1 p.m. Pacific time / 4 p.m. Eastern time / 8 p.m. UTC time.

Thanks @ef4 Manual automatic import, Importing Wasm modules is now a breeze! @luketheobcure Wrote about his experience and created a wasm-sample application In the embers.See what he wrote Moderate.

This week we want to thank @迈克北, @Todd Jordan, @amyrlam, @chrisrng, @rwwagner90, @jessica-Jordan, @BrothersDonaldTrump, @tylerturdenpants, @runspired, @bmac, Koh Tat Tree, @stefanpenner, @bgentry, @twokul, @Chrisdon, @chadhietala, @kellyselden, @arthirm, @astronomersiva, @SparshithNR, @dependabot[bot], @dfreeman, @savvymas, @pzuraq, @ef4, @哈基莱巴拉, @ maciej-ka, @melaniespath with @jenweber. We thank you for your contribution to Ember and related repositories 💖!

Reader question operation this week Asynchronously: Both ember-concurrency with
ember-lifeline It is a popular plugin for managing asynchronous behavior in Ember applications as smoothly as possible.But what is this the difference Between these two?

In his detailed answer to this question, Ember developer and writer @chrisrng Present Advantages of any plug-in Process application state.you could Read the full answer on the official Ember forum.

Want to know about Ember, Ember Data, Glimmer, or plugins in the Ember ecosystem?Ask in bit.ly/ask-ember-core We will give the answer in the future Ember Times. No stupid questions! 🐹

Want to write for Ember Times? Do you have any suggestions for next week’s problem?join us # Theme Embers Time On Slack or Twitter @embertimes On Twitter.

That is another package! ✨

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Amy Lam, Miguel Braga Gomes, Ryan Mark, Sivakumar Kailasam, Jessica Jordan, Robert Wagner, Chris Ng and the learning team

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