Woman stole a truck, ran into a police officer and was arrested while ordering chicken nuggets at Drive-Thru

Police arrested a woman who ordered McDonald’s Chicken McDonald’s at the McDonald’s Driveway Restaurant in Worcester, Massachusetts. She allegedly stole a truck from a business owner and crashed into a boat. Cruiser, but also towed Telegram and Bulletin Report.

This car is a 2013 Chevrolet Silverado commercial truck with Raymond James Restoration next to it. According to reports, it was stolen by business owner Raymond James Simoncini.

Simoncini said that the car was stolen from a construction site in Worcester when a worker put the key in the cup holder while moving the tool at around 9 in the morning. The truck was monitored by Simoncini via GPS, and its location was relayed to the police.

“I can’t believe she went to so many places,” Simoncini told reporters telegraph.

Officials reported that at about 9:30 a.m., when the woman hit a police car and briefly dragged a police officer 20 feet, the police began chasing the woman in the stolen truck.

A video obtained by WBZ-TV shows a Raymond James work truck driving past a construction site and a construction worker trying to stop the driver using a mobile device. Once the road is cleared, the truck will take off.

This video was published by WBZ Executive Producer Jim Harrington (Jim Harrington) on Twitter, Who said it was obtained by reporter Bill Shields.

“[Shields] I got this video from the Worcester hunt, showing the suspect driving through a construction site — and a worker trying to stop her,” Harrington wrote in the video.

The police were told not to pursue the suspect because the truck could be monitored by GPS. Later, the car was found while queuing at the McDonald’s drive-through restaurant on Shrewsbury Street. telegraph Report.

According to the scanner report, the police tried to call McDonald’s staff and asked them to slow down the window service so that the police had a chance to respond.

Simoncini went to McDonald’s to see if his truck was damaged, he told telegraph He believes this is a total loss because the front, sides and rear of the truck have suffered severe damage.

Before the closure of Weymouth, England on March 23, 2020, there was a long queue outside the McDonald’s restaurant, driving through. A woman was arrested when she ordered fried chicken nuggets at a McDonald’s Driveway restaurant after stealing a truck at a construction site in Worcester, Massachusetts.
Finball Webster/Getty Images

Simoncini said he was surprised by the lady’s decision to order from Driveway.

“She ordered chicken nuggets,” he told reporters telegraph. “Do you believe?”

The suspect was taken away by an ambulance after chasing the car. The police officer who was shot in the incident is said to be in good condition. The trailer was called to the scene.

The police are still investigating the situation and said that once the suspect is arrested, more information will be released. Her name and any allegations she faces have not been released.

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