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This week’s edition is packed!Embark on a journey to learn how to create with Ember Chrome extension. Test drive the latest Ember-CLI beta feature.understand deeper Component manager boundary RFC.Learn how to help shipping Mirage 1.0. Requires Ember power supply A/B experiment ? Outdoorsy has open sourced a plugin that might help.

Esteban Wrote an article about how he used Ember to create Chrome extensions by combining multiple plugins from the community.He found a lot of great starter with Template project GitHub And identified some key Embers-cli Projects that work with us Chrome extension API Much easier.

Specifically, Esteban mentioned 3 ember-cli plugins: ember-cli-deploy-chrome-app, ember-cli-post-build-copy, with Embers-cli-concat This helps to use Ember to create ambitious Chrome extensions.He used Ember concurrency (Or you can use ember-lifeline) To handle the callback design structure API provided by Chrome (using Chrome promise).

Read more about his journey in Esteban’s Blog post.

with ember-cli@3.4.0-beta.2 You can now enable real-time reload server and common development application server to share one Single portUsing the current state of Ember CLI, it opens up two HTTP servers-one for assets and the other to support real-time reloading when files are changed.

You can already test in the following ways Get the beta version See if it suits you. Remember to also check the rest of the change log for the beta version.If you are interested in the actual implementation of making a single port work, please check PR.

A new request for comment (RFC) aims to increase the flexibility of another previously RFC’ed feature, which is of interest to Ember plugin authors, who are keen on Components. This Component Manager™ function Has been accepted by the Ember community This spring Define a New low-level primitives This will allow developers to create flexible, efficient and extensible Component base classFor example, this can be exploited by UI plugins that expose components to their parent application and hope to allow end users to extend themselves from these basic components.

Today, the legend of the custom component manager continues: the author of the original RFC #213 now proposes one follow up
Proposal optional contact of bounds -DOM boundary of the component-through the component manager function.This will allow any plugin author who wants to use the component manager feature to create custom components to get Component DOM, Through a specific life cycle hook to provide end users with access permissions and allow DOM operations.

Want to know more?Be sure to check Original proposal
And don’t miss RFC Roundup Podcast Session With our friends at Ember Weekend @rwjblue What explained RFC #213 For the component manager.

read more

Embers Mountain Mirage It is a popular client simulation server for developing, testing and prototyping your application. @samselikoff Mirage 0.4.8 has been released. ✨ Before the release of Mirage 1.0, there were only 9 bugs that needed to be closed!Please help advance by upgrading to 1.0 v0.4.8 Today and report any issues.look in # ec-mirage If you encounter any problems while upgrading! Hope everything is 200🆗.

The Outdoorsy 🌲 team is able to open source the internal libraries they have been using Outdoor net. It allows you to define A/B and multivariate (A/B/C) tests in your app to track conversion rate improvements and functional feedback.They hung it on Personnel indicators And track conversions in Mixpanel, but it doesn’t have a bias on how you should do this. hope its good for U.S!

This week we want to thank @nlfurniss, @smfoote, @pzuraq, @bekzod, @kennethlarsen, @chrisrng, @jenweber, @jessica-Jordan, @amyrlam, @tylerturdenpants, @runspired, @rwjblue, @ryanto, @teddyzeenny, @rwwagner90, @apellerano-pw, @knownasilya, @dcyriller, @stefanpenner, @dcombslinkedin, @卡农吉, @凯特根格勒, @tomhazledine with @indieNik Thanks for their contributions to Ember and related repositories 💖!

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