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This week’s Ember Times is about Cool web fonts 😎, community to chat with Migrate and encourage your heart Ember Data RFC Champion 🛡.We still have a lot Ember app magic ✨with ember-cli-create, user’s guidance Learning Resources all Ember version Effectively-last but not least-a New reader question For you! 💁🏻

Do you like web fonts?Then this is a good thing ember-cli-webfonts Release 1.0 version 🎉

Now you can use webfonts-generator to Generate web fonts As part of the ember build process.By default, the plugin wants to app/webfont-svg But all of these can be customized with class prefixes, basic selectors, font names, etc.

All you have to do is run ember install ember-cli-webfont are you ready.View Github repository Want more information.

This Request for Comments (RFC) It is proposed to change the real-time communication of the community from
relaxation to Discord Has entered Final Comment Period (FCP) And most likely it will be closed this weekend.

A large number of opinions and suggestions from the community have appeared in the proposed migration.If you are interested in joining the discussion yourself, please take a moment to read The whole proposal is here And comments in the RFC already done.

If you have new (friendly! ❤️) information to add to the conversation, please do so In the comments section of the RFC. Again: Thank you for all your feedback! ✨

On a diet at Kaiyuan? Or looking for a swamp? @runspired tweets Ember Data has many smaller “bite-size” RFC requests for supporters, and they are happy to help you!check it out On GitHub.

@Gossi Released ember-cli-create, A project that allows you to create new Ember projects using the UI.

It intuitively provides options to choose from when generating scaffolding, such as:

  • What type of project (plug-in or application)
  • Features to install

Have a look Here 👀 or ping Gosi Questions, suggestions or appreciations. ❤️

@jenweber Breaks down the differences between Ember 2 and 3 in her latest article Moderate post In an approachable and informative way! Share with Ember’s new colleagues, friends, and people on the Internet.

Ember 3 applications must use the new import-what-you-need method. this.get It is optional in Ember 3, except for the property as a Promise proxy. (Note: If you haven’t upgraded to Ember 3 yet, give Embers cli update Try to take advantage of codemods! ) The test is also a little different.View @turbo87of 2018 EmberConf speech Take a deeper dive.

For the latest Ember reference materials, please check guide, Official Tutorials,as well as API documentation. In other parts of the network, insist on using resources from 2016 and beyond to stay up-to-date. 💯

This week we want to thank @camerondubas, @哈基莱巴拉, @amyrlam, @TeamGame_Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, @kennethlarsen, @阿隆斯基, @deanylev, @tylerturdenpants, @runspired, @twokul, @stefanpenner, @SparshithNR, @jenweber, @dcyriller, @梅尔sumner with @mschinis Thanks for their contributions to Ember and related repositories 💖!

This week’s reader questions are all about the best practices and one of the most popular design patterns for the Ember app- “Data drops, action rises” paradigm -Explain in more detail.Read this week’s answer @jessica-Jordan in The official Ember forum is here.

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Submit your own Short and sweet problem under bit.ly/ask-ember-coreDon’t worry, there are no stupid questions, we thank them-guaranteed! 🤞

Want to write for Ember Times? Any suggestions for next week’s problem?join us # Theme Embers Time On Slack or Twitter @embertimes On Twitter.

That is another package! ✨

Be kind,

Miguel Braga Gomes, Amy Lam, Ryan Mark, Kenneth Larsen, Jessica Jordan, Ricardo Mendes and the learning team

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