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We have a new RFC this week modify your HTML elements 🛠 here to you, also to you——Wait async News from Embers data 🕓, one Authorized podcast Meeting ❤️ and real Update in order to ember-truth-helpers! Take a look ✨

a new one Request for Comments (RFC) May bring new life to your HTML tags: Modifier proposal Provides a possible future API for components in Ember, which allows adding custom behaviors, such as event listeners or styles, to DOM nodes in the component. Reliable access to DOM nodes Will be guaranteed by these means Element modifierTo alleviate the problem outerHTML Semantics Mentioned in this.bounds RFC It proposes a new way to access the root elements of future Ember components.

This RFC is the successor previous RFC#112: Element modifiers And it aims to bring many of the previously mentioned ideas back into the discussion.

be sure Read the original proposal on Github And share your thoughts and questions RFC pull request comments.

A new PR has been merged into Ember Data to improve your async ... await At the same time, it detects asynchronous test leaks in its data layer.

This feature is suitable for non-production environments, and they ensure that the test waiting program does not cause waiting by default to prevent breaking any applications that upgrade their Ember Data version.

This new feature comes with two feature flags store.shouldTrackAsyncRequests with store.generateStackTracesForTrackedRequests. To learn all about them and more about this new feature, be sure to check Pull request.

this week @samselikoff Interview with Melanie Sumner, a member of the Ember Core team (@梅尔sumner) For EmberMap podcastMelanie talked about her path from the beginning of giving Ember a visit to now being a member of the core team and becoming the leader of the Ember community. For Melanie, Ember was the first time she felt popular in the technology field.This is largely because of the enthusiastic Ember community

Melanie talked about making others feel tolerated. For her, this is the key to expanding yourself, because you can only do so much as a person.Involving others will effectively create “clone” Your own. This is how she participates in the vision shared by helping to create a community.

Melanie mentioned how she practiced Servant leadership She described it as “not asking anyone to do things that I would not do myself.” This is in line with the spirit that Ember represents, which is to make long-term investments in partnership with others to make them feel welcome and give back to the community.

Sam and Melanie then discussed Ember’s native accessibility story Singing norms See if it makes sense to implement it in Ember. There are many opportunities here, because even having accessible and customizable patterns or selection drop-down lists is a huge leap for web developers. Having it built into Ember by default will change the rules of the game.

Click the link below to watch the full interview:

Ember-truth-helpers Is an Ember plugin that provides help for truth logic if with unless statement.As of version v2.1.0, @jamesarosen with @jmurphyau Added is-empty Helper of the library. 🎉 This will make it easier for us to check for empty values ​​in the template.

You can take a closer look at the changes Here. 👀

This week we want to thank @tomdale, @smfoote, @acorncom, @阿隆斯基, @amyrlam, @chrisrng, @TeamGame_Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, @kennethlarsen, @jessica-Jordan, @梅尔sumner, @tylerturdenpants, @runspired, @泊, @Fladuku, @stefanpenner, @SparshithNR, @dcyriller, @cyk, @凯特根格勒, @samselikoff with @米格尔科班 Thanks for their contributions to Ember and related repositories 💖!

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