The thief washes the clothes and cooks while stealing from the Washington house

A man was arrested in Washington State, and he allegedly suspended stealing from his home in order to cook himself some food and wash clothes

The King County Sheriff’s Office said the unnamed man entered Covington’s home at around 4 am on June 30.

The man was able to enter the house after entering through an unsafe low-level window. A spokesperson for the King County Sheriff’s Office said that after entering the room, the man made himself some food and laundry to “make himself feel at home.”

It is still unclear whether the suspect is washing the clothes himself or his family.

“Remember Don Henley’s song, how? “Well, I could be an actor, but I [wound] Here… when you lose, people like it, they like dirty clothes,’” the sheriff’s office wrote Facebook.

“But this story is not the top 10 billboards, but real life. On June 30, 2021, the Covington family found out that this guy called 911 while doing laundry at home just after 4:00 a.m.”

The representatives said that the woman living at home was asleep with her husband. After the suspect opened the bedroom door and frightened them, they were awakened. The couple then drove the man out of the house.

The police then found the suspect not far from home. He owns many items taken from the couple, including car keys, earphones and some cash.

The suspect was recognized by the homeowner and detained in Jinxian Prison. He faces charges of burglary.

The King County Sheriff’s Office added in a statement: “We commend Congressmen Brooks and Welch for their excellent work to quickly arrest this man.”

The King County Sheriff’s Office also reminded people to ensure their homes are safe and not to lock their windows in warm weather as part of their “9pm routine” plan.

The representatives also suggested that people keep all valuables in the car out of sight, close and lock the garage door and turn on any outdoor lights.

The sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook: “When the weather is warm, we often accidentally open windows and locks, open garage doors or leave valuables outside.”

“When you sleep, there is no benefit in having no locked windows. For the safety of your family, enter the 9 o’clock in the evening routine.”

The Jin County Sheriff’s Office has been contacted for the latest situation.

The identity of the suspect has not yet been determined and will face charges of burglary.
King County Sheriff’s Office

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