PM Diab warns that Lebanon is still a few days away from “social explosion” business and economic news

The World Bank calls Lebanon’s crisis one of the worst depressions in modern history, because half of the population lives in poverty.

Lebanese caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab warned that there are still a few days before the “social explosion”, and he called on the international community to rescue the country in a severe economic crisis.

The World Bank refers to the Lebanese crisis as The worst depression Modern history. The currency has depreciated by more than 90%, and more than half of the population has fallen into poverty.

Anger is over Fuel shortage In the fighting that has spread to gas stations, the prime minister seems to have warned that there may be more riots.

“Lebanon is still a few days away from social eruption. Lebanese are facing this dark fate alone,” Diab said during a meeting with his ambassador in Beirut and representatives of diplomatic missions.

Translation: Diab during the meeting of ambassadors: When we gathered here, the streets of Lebanon were crowded with cars lined up in front of the gas station. Others are looking for medicine and a can of infant formula in the drugstore. In their own homes, the Lebanese have no electricity.

Since resigning after the catastrophic event on August 4, Diab has been serving as a caretaker Beirut Port ExplosionSince then, grumpy sectarian politicians have been unable to agree on a new government.

Diab also said that only the new cabinet can restart negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“The current government has no right to resume negotiations with the International Monetary Fund to implement the recovery plan formulated by the cabinet, because this requires the next government to undertake obligations that it may not recognize,” he said.

The head of EU foreign policy told Lebanese leaders last month that they are responsible for the political and economic crisis and that some people may face sanctions if they continue to obstruct the formation of a new government and the implementation of reforms.

Diab pointed out that he has repeatedly called for a link between aid and reform, but said that the “siege” of Lebanon has not affected corruption-this obviously refers to politicians.

He said that the Lebanese had lost patience and “linking Lebanon’s assistance with the formation of a new government has become a threat to the lives of Lebanese and Lebanese entities.”


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