How much has India’s cryptocurrency policy developed? | Author: Dwayne D’cunha | The Capital | July 2021

India’s cryptocurrency exchange struggle After RBI’s informal policy forced them to do so, let the bank join in providing services for them.This has only recently become a problem because things like Paytm and Alipay Have Stop their support Used for cryptocurrency exchanges.Although this did not prevent them from using smaller digital payment platforms (such as Alipay.

WazirX, India’s largest crypto exchange was acquired Binance already Involved Scams in money laundering and more Heinous allegations To the point where people lose trust in cryptocurrency exchanges. However, the exchange’s connection with the actual criminal is questionable.

TRM laboratory It is an organization that helps companies prevent people from stealing funds through digital wallets and helps mitigate financial has Cooperation Work with WazirX to discover these bad players who spread such scams and end the rampant frauds that occur through their services. This will provide a layer of security for many people who are afraid of being deceived by criminals who use these services for their own benefit.

WazirX also penetrated into the NFT market in the following ways electronicTry to use your own digital art market. This is done with the help of Buiance’s blockchain technology. Currently, artworks can only be purchased through WazirX’s native token “WRX”. Although it allows digital assets to be transferred to other blockchains such as Ethereum.Famous Indian artists have also Join Provide their work on this platform. The platform also allows artists to collect royalties of up to 15% on each resale. So far, it has deviated from the bidding because it is looking for people to join.

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