Microsoft will end the expanded “Cyberpunk 2077” refund policy in July

Like many other retailers, Microsoft implemented a in order to Cyberpunk 2077 Follow it In December. Those who purchased the game from the Microsoft Store can request a full refund. At the time, the company stated that the policy would be implemented “until further notice.” Now the situation is changing.

In the update found , Microsoft says Cyberpunk 2077 Starting on July 6, it will meet its standard digital refund policy.This means that any sale is , But you can From the company, it may approve your request under certain circumstances.

“The team at CD Projekt Red continues to work hard to improve the experience Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox players, and some updates have been made,” Microsoft said in a statement Support page“In light of these updates, Microsoft will restore our standard digital game refund policy Cyberpunk 2077 July 6, new and existing purchases. “

The policy change is after Sony At the PlayStation Store on Monday.Since the advent of the game, CD Projekt Red has released two major patches Cyberpunk 2077 — Although the basic PS4 and Xbox One versions still have some performance issues.Later this year, the studio will release a Free Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 updates As the title.

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