Astronauts complete China’s first two-person spacewalk

Early on Sunday morning, two Chinese astronauts finished their work outside their country’s Tiangong space station. This is the second spacewalk in Chinese history.As This guardian Point outThis is also the first time that its astronauts have completed tandem extravehicular activity (EVA).

Astronaut Liu Boming of Shenzhou 12 left the space station at 8:11 pm on July 3, and was subsequently joined by the crew member Tang Hongbo. At the same time, mission commander Nie Haisheng stayed in the crew cabin of Tianhe “Tianhe” to support them.

The two astronauts wore China’s new-generation Feitian EVA suits and went out to work on modular robotic arms. They have been about 380 kilometers (236 miles) above the surface of the earth the entire time. The components they install will help future tasks, because China wants to complete new tasks. The space station sometime in 2022. At about 2:57 AM Eastern Time, Liu and Tang returned to Tianhe, and the entire spacewalk took about 7 hours.

“Astronauts Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo returned to the Tianhe core capsule safely, marking the complete success of the first spacewalk in my country’s space station construction,” China Manned Space Administration Said in a statement.

The last time Chinese astronauts left their spacecraft was in 2008, when Zhai Zhigang listed China as the third country to complete a spacewalk in history.In the past year, the country has succeeded Landed its first rover on Mars with Retrieving rock and soil samples from the moonThe China Space Administration plans to conduct a second spacewalk before the Shenzhou 12 crew returns to Earth later this year.

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