GETTR was hacked on the day of launch

Illustration of an article titled GETTR, Trump-supporting social media platform Gottrd was hacked on its launch day

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GETTR — TonHis new “Patriot Friendly” Social media platform Established by former Trump Advisor Jason Miller– On July 4, the same day the network was officially launched, it was attacked by hackers.

hacker For the most prominent verified users of the platform, it happens to include a bunch of fan favorites in Trump’s expanded universe: Mike Pompeo, Steve Bannon, Marjorie Taylor-Green, Harran Mountain And Miller himself, Everyone found Their accounts were hacked on SundayAccording to Inside story, The hacker made his Know that it exists by editing the profiles of all affected users to include the same message:”“@JubaBaghdad is here:) ^^ Free Palestine^^.”

Although it is confusing that the platform has been online since at least July 2nd, Sunday represents the official launch of the platform Call yourself “Free network“And” tagsThe idea of ​​tplace”.

In an interview with Insider, @JubaBaghdad Did not disclose how he hacked into the relevant account, but Said he penetrated the site in about 20 minutes “Pure entertainment,” with It is “easy” to expose security vulnerabilities in the platform.

He said: “They should not publish the site until all content, or at least almost all content, is safe.”.

Although GETTR had corrected the initial security breach by Monday, @JubaBaghdad added he is still Ability to grab user data from personal accounts without problems, Including email address and year of birth.

In a statement to Insider, Miller, CEO of GETTR, Seems to be eager to paint Security vulnerabilities serve as a supplement to the platform.

“You know, when they came to you, you were shaking,” he said. “The problem was discovered and resolved within a few minutes, and all the intruder could do was change a few usernames. The situation has been corrected and we have already registered more than 500,000 users on our exciting new platform! “

That “exciting new platform”-it seems special Designed to attract Twitter Users who are alienated by the platform’s decision to use it permanently Ban Trump from posting January 2021-Despite security breaches, it has faced considerable speed bumps. As Gizmodo Reported before, GETTR is also currently facing content issues because it abhors moderation and is currently full of “…Very niche porn, such as furry and hentai… And non-pornographic but NSFW content, such as photos of elderly people wearing only diapers. Good luck to GETTR, because it can solve these equally disturbing problems Tribulation.


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