Post-pandemic natural gas revival may threaten climate change goals

This Pandemic recovery It may not be all positive, at least not for the environment. Reuters report The International Energy Agency has caveat The recovery of natural gas demand after the pandemic may threaten the goal of achieving net zero emissions globally by 2050.It is estimated that natural gas usage will increase by 3.6% in 2021, which can not only offset Decline in 2020 But according to the International Energy Agency, “growth even further.”

The IEA stated that demand is expected to gradually decrease to 1.7% between 2022 and 2024, but this is still too steep to stay on track.

This doesn’t mean Paris Agreement However, other goals are the cause of failure. The IEA believes that projects approved or ongoing before the pandemic can control these emissions. The agency also suggested that the natural gas industry can help by reducing methane leaks that cause climate change.

There are positive signs.Renewable energy is More than fossil fuels In some countries, automakers are increasingly committed to All-electric lineup In the next few years. Nonetheless, the IEA report brings a sense of urgency to these actions. Mankind may need to ease its desire to restore normalcy and refocus on green technology, at least if it wants to avoid replacing it with another global issue.

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