Chris Hemsworth begins a six-week Shark operation

Christ Hemsworth is honored to announce the start of an epic summer event-“SharkFest 2021”.

The National Geographic Marathon started on Monday and lasted six weeks of shark-infested activities.During that time, there will be 21 premieres on four networks and Disney+.

Australian superstar Hemsworth will premiere a special shark show on National Geographic tonight. Here are more details about this, and other shows full of shark content, you can catch all summer.

Chris Hemsworth became familiar with sharks

Aired on National Geographic 9/8c on Monday, July 5th Chris Hemsworth and Shark Beach.

Hemsworth’s mission is to uncover the science of shark behavior and explore how humans and sharks can coexist safely. The increase in local shark attacks on the east coast of Australia has prompted Hemsworth to try to understand different types of sharks and their behavior.

Filmed by production company Nutopia (A strange stone), Hemsworth joined the ranks of the legendary underwater conservationist Valerie Taylor.

Chris Hemsworth investigates sharks in his upcoming National Geographic show “Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth.”
National Geographic

Early previews of the documentary showed that Hemsworth was very familiar with the sharks they monitored from the ship. They caught a medium-sized shark and measured it and other statistics.

One of the tasks they must complete is to remove an anal swab from the shark so that they know what it is eating. Hemsworth was the one who inserted the swab, as he put it, “deep”.

Chris Hemsworth and Shark Beach It will be broadcast tonight on the National Geographic Channel, and then will be replayed on Nat Geo WILD on August 2nd and October 9th. It will also be available on Disney+ on Friday, July 9.

SharkFest promotional image
SharkFest 2021 will start on the National Geographic Channel on Monday, July 5, 2021.
National Geographic

What else is “SharkFest 2021”?

During the six weeks of “SharkFest 2021”, 21 shark-related programs were broadcast. This means there is a lot of content to consume between now and Friday, August 13.

Also premiered tonight on the National Geographic Channel. Both sides of the Hemsworth documentary are When sharks attack with Rogue shark? The latter is a documentary that details a series of shark attacks that occurred in a small area off the coast of Australia in October 2018.

Following the release of the triple bill of new shark content on Monday, a new show will be premiered every weekday evening.Tuesday is first Orca Vs. Great white shark, Researchers investigated why orcas started hunting great white sharks in South Africa in 2017.

Wednesday, July 7, Shark Gang Highlights how top predators turned their backs on their lonely lifestyles to hunt in groups. Thursday, Crocodile eating jaws Reveals what happens when the two deadliest predators on the planet confront each other head-on.

Then the first week of “SharkFest 2021” ends on Friday, ranking the most feared shark species The most dangerous shark in the world?

In the next few weeks, there will be more exciting shark shows.These include Hawaiian Shark, Shark attack file, Shark eating sand, Play with sharks, The largest bull shark in the world?, Shark Attack Investigation: Page’s Winter’s Story, with Killer Shark VS.Orca.

Many shows will be broadcast on Disney+ on the following Friday after being broadcast on the National Geographic Channel.

What else will happen during “SharkFest”?

“SharkFest” not only displays and highlights one of the deadliest animals in the world, the celebration also has a charity element.

In the annual TV event, National Geographic funds the best scientists and storytellers from all over the world to protect the sharks and their marine homes.

The broadcaster’s original ocean project helps to inspire the creation of global marine protected areas and is committed to supporting the global goal of protecting at least 30% of the ocean by 2030.

Shark underwater in SharkFest promotion
SharkFest 2021 will start on the National Geographic Channel on Monday, July 5, 2021.
National Geographic

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