Introducing the new Ember Mentoring Program

We are happy to announce the creation of a new Ember Mentoring Plan!

Guidance has always been an important theme of Ember’s existence. We started with the creation of the first core team members in Ember, and now it is one of the fundamental parts of our DNA. Now we are formalizing many of the things we have done into a more organized, community-wide plan so that we can do better.

Guidance is the shared responsibility of our entire community, and we are happy to help it grow. This is a celebration and promotion of the work that many people have contributed to. It is also a public statement that we care about, prioritize, and intend to continue to do.

Established measures

In addition to some interesting new programs, the Ember Mentoring Program also covers and unifies a series of existing efforts. Some are face-to-face events, some are remote, and some combine the two.

Some things we are already doing:

  • The annual mentor workshop and mixer, in Embers Meeting This matches the mentor with the mentee and gives them time to get to know each other before and during the meeting.
  • This Women help women A program that helps support women who want to speak, lead, and contribute to the Ember community, both inside and outside the Ember community. The plan provides for the inclusive use of the term women, and welcomes and respects transgender women and anyone else who identifies as women in a way that is important to them, as well as non-binary people.
  • New Contributor Mentorship, this is a (currently informal) process in which experienced contributors in the Ember ecosystem pair up with those who are learning and exploring.
  • Gathering support, where group organizers from all over the world support each other and share ideas about things that are suitable and unsuitable for their group. Party organizers also meet at EmberConf to share ideas and skills.

There is no central online list or hub for all these initiatives, and unifying them under a new single umbrella will help organize and share this information. (Currently, the largest collection of detailed information is EmberConf website, But a new page is being developed so that all of this content will soon be ported to the Ember website. )

what’s new?

EmberConf 2019 will be an annual opportunity to explore new areas to promote the development of the program. For example, one of the new focus areas in 2019 will be the first gathering of people of color in the Ember community. This Ember POC Connect project will be led by Ashlen Price and Elrick Ryan, you may have seen them at EmberConfs in the past!

More details are coming soon, when EmberConf registration opens, people will be able to register for the first POC connection breakfast. Another new channel is Discord, #poc-connect, So that people can get to know each other well before attending EmberConf.

The mentorship program also contains the idea that anyone in the community should have the opportunity to get an opportunity—not just those who can participate in EmberConf.

Here are some methods at work:

  1. One Activity kit With the guidance and support of past leaders, anyone can use it to hold coaching seminars at local gatherings or conferences.
  2. Online events are open to all participants from all over the world, at different times to adapt to multiple time zones.
  3. Add content for awesome help Wanted App that provides new contributors with more specific instructions on how to participate and who to ask for help.
  4. Raise awareness of efforts, such as Women help women Initiative and POC connection, So new members can join and benefit from afar.
  5. This Ember Public Speaker Program, Which previously existed under the Women’s Help Women Program, is now being developed into a universal effort open to everyone (There are also face-to-face EmberConf components! ). It will help match speakers who want to improve their skills or practice with others who can provide guidance and feedback.

Why is this important? When will these things happen?

The reality of the open source community is that we must carefully choose where to spend our energy (although in the best case, we don’t have to choose because the goals are the same!). Focusing on organizing and improving the work that has already been done means that the cost of edge improvement is minimal.

If you don’t see your own ideas in these lists, please contact us! So far, everything we have done has been gained from community volunteers and interests, and we hope that more of you can come forward and help us build more.

Mentoring efforts are actually about the one-on-one connections that we can help cultivate in the process, which means that every participant will make a difference ♥

How to participate

  • Do you want to be a tutor or student of EmberConf 2019? Apply here Participate in face-to-face activities.
  • Applications for Membership #poc-connect and / or #women-in-ember (Women Helping Women) channel Man discord. To gain access, go to #discord-server-admin. These channels are open all year round and not only for conference participants.
  • For all other projects and events, including online-only opportunities, please stay tuned EmberJS Twitter with Embers times communication

PS If you want to help lead, organize or sponsor these efforts, please contact Jen Weber (@jenweber) through the Ember Community Discord. Jen is responsible for the coordination of the entire project and connects you with people who are suitable for various projects. Thank you for your support and attention!

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