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Hello Amberistas! 🐹

This week: Learn about the new features of Ember Inspector and the extensible Ember Inspector 👨‍💻, read the Glimmer component RFC ✨, sign up for EmberConf 2019 📆, and the new RFC about the render element modifier 🔨!

The Ember Inspector team has been working hard in the past few months to solve many super old problems (some years ago!) and add new features to Ember Inspector.Thank you @泊
You can also keep up with the changes in progress now! When you open the new version of Ember Inspector, you will now see an information tab with all the changes since the previous version.

We have also conducted some third-party library exchanges and updates, the most notable one is from Ash Pika to
And use Ember table For the data tab.

@rwwagner90 Support date picker switch, it solves several problems of pikaday and also eliminates our dependence on jQuery.

@thorsteinsson Support ember-table work, as a result of the switch, you can now scroll the table horizontally! 🎉

Finally, we are working hard for the future of Ember Inspector and have an RFC to make it extensible, which will allow the exchange of data tabs to use Redux etc.please check RFC Let us know what you think!

@pzuraq Submit an RFC (Request for Comments) to support Low light component – This represents a simpler, more declarative and ergonomic way to build components – Ember’s public API. Glimmer component will become the new default application experience Ember octane number.

Glimmer components are designed to eliminate confusion with classic components by being more closely aligned with modern template syntax and functions, such as:

External HTML semantics By default, no external elements are wrapped and any dynamic values ​​are clearly stated in the template.

Namespace parameters By letting Glimmer components assign their parameters to args Attributes on the instance to prevent namespace conflicts.

Immutable parameters in order to this.args The object, as described above, will regulate the way data flows through the application.This will also promote the use of {{@arg}} The syntax-a direct reference to the parameters passed to the component call-when appropriate, because it is inherently more predictable.

Least class Among them, the Glimmer component will not have any element/DOM-based attributes, hooks, event handling functions (provided by element modifiers) to reduce the mental model and enable users to use it out of the box.

Read and comment Full RFC on GitHub.

2019 is approaching, and you have one more thing to do before EOY: buy your EmberConf tickets! This year’s early bird discount is very large ($50), and the supply will continue or until 12/31. So before that, this is the big shiny button! 🆗

The plan has been announced, and it looks great: so many new faces, and a bunch of familiar old faces!Be sure to check Complete schedule Know all the details.

We are very excited EmberConf’s inclusiveness this year. In an industry that lacks the diversity of participants and speakers, EmberConf strives to be an exception. The focus of this year’s work includes:

a new one RFC out @pzuraq This is quite amazing. It suggested adding two new general element modifiers, {{did-render}} with {{will-destroy}}, Users can use it to run code in the most common phase of any element’s life cycle.If you have ever used any component hooks, for example didInsertElement or didRender, This is probably very convenient for you, because we can focus on setting up and disassembling the code without worrying about the entire life cycle.

This RFC Very detailed, there are many useful code examples. Remember to leave your thoughts as a comment.

New this week Ember Mentoring Plan Officially announced! It aims to guide the next wave of Ember developers of all experience levels into the community.By letting developers succeed Public speechTo find their space Among the supported peer groups or Improve their engineering skills The program is For you!

Know all about Ember mentor program and join the community!

This week we want to thank @kratiahuja, @sdhull, @lock, @smfoote, @sonic1981, @jenweber, @Turbo87, @哈基莱巴拉, @jacobq, @梅尔sumner, @chrisrng, @rwwagner90, @杰夫达利, @wife, @Gaurav0, @泊, @scalvert, @knownasilya, @kellyselden with @dcyriller Thanks for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! 💖

Tomster mascot during office hours

Want to know about Ember, Ember Data, Glimmer, or plugins in the Ember ecosystem, but don’t know where to consult? Readers’ questions are only answered for you!

Submit your own Short and sweet problem under bit.ly/ask-ember-coreDon’t worry, there are no stupid questions, we thank them-guaranteed! 🤞

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That is another package! ✨

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