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Blein Vie Noa, Emberistas! 🐹🎆🎇

A new year begins New RFC!Read more about recommendations depreciation of Route rendering Methods and options Application controller properties 🈸! We also have a new RFC Brand new appearance emberjs.com, Performance improvement 🏎 For API documentation search for, A new beta version ember-cli-babel And advanced testing examination For you!

The official Ember website will adopt a new look and style.That’s why a New RFC Propose one Brand new appearance 💅 is emberjs.com.A side effect of not updating the look and feel of the website for several years is that for those who are not involved in the daily development of Ember, this is It’s easy to miss how the framework has worked over the years.

The redesign aims to Modernize, update and improve everything on the website Make the impression given to the public match the reality.

There is already a good discussion going on RFC comment section, We would also like to hear your thoughts.

do you remember Route.render() with Route.renderTemplate()? You may not.In fact, these routing methods have been less and less emphasized in the Ember learning story, even in Ember guide Up. Although these APIs were useful in the past, the component-centric approach now allows Ember developers to omit them altogether.

Therefore, a New RFC Suggest Deprecated of Route#render with Route#renderTemplateYou can read more about the motivation behind it and how to replace these methods in your application Initial proposal.

problem? Suggest?Leave them in RFC comment section!

With the introduction Router service It is easier than ever to check the current application status (such as the name of the active route) anywhere in the application.This also means that the current ApplicationController#currentPath with ApplicationController#currentRouteName The API is outdated.

A kind New RFC put forward Deprecate these rich attributes future.be sure Speak your thoughts in the comment section of the proposal!

Integration with our search provider, Algolia This has power for both parties Ember guide with Human API documentation Now it’s more efficient!

The work of our friends in Algolia has improved API document search performance in certain European countries by 285%! The map shows performance improvements in the data center where API documents are currently stored and the most searched countries (on the right).

@pzuraq Recently announced ember-cli-babel@v7.3.0-beta.1!

Plug-in ember-cli-babel use Tower of Babel with babel-preset-env Allow us to use ES6 syntax in Ember CLI projects.

With the release of the 7.3.0 beta, includeExternalHelpers Options are now available. This option controls the deduplication of the default Babel helper functions by putting them in the shared module and reducing the payload size.

Read more about includeExternalHelpers View Documentation!

Ember’s test story It has made it very easy for developers to test, but what if it can bring more things from the beginning?Imagine speeding up your test suite Parallel test Or run the test Random order versus ember test The command is in your application.

a new one RFC proposes to update test defaults in Ember applications and plugins By providing Ashes Exam -Ember plugin developers can already use advanced testing strategies-built into Ember’s test settings.

be sure Read the full proposal And leave your Thoughts in the comments below!

This week we want to thank @Zeplin Airship, @Turbo87, @jamesgeorge007, @ppcano, @rwjblue, @chrisrng, @jessica-Jordan, @mschinis, @kennethlarsen, @泊, @rwwagner90 with @mixonic Thanks for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! 💖

Tomster mascot during office hours

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