Explanation of the relationship between Morty and Planetina

In the latest episode of season 5 on Sunday night, Rick and Morty both found and lost love.

“A Rickconvenient Mort” separates our heroes and introduces a series of new characters that have a major emotional impact on Morty, Rick, and Summer.The rotation of the episode title The truth is hard to ignore Very suitable, because the environment is a big focus, not only on Earth, but also on other planets.

For this episode, Dan Harmon, the creator of Rick and Morty, recruited the former community Actor Alison Brie voiced the superhero Pretina, and Harmon also gave a speech on social media.

There are spoilers and details behind the scenes, and here is a summary of what happened in the latest episode of Rick and Morty.

What happened to episode 3 of “Rick and Morty” season 5?

When Rick and Morty went out to buy custom T-shirts, the short appearance of the tacky villain Diesel Weasel caused acid rain. Among the sudden appearance of superheroes and Morty’s lover, Planetina (Brie) saves the day.

There is an instant connection between the two, considering that Morty is only 14 years old, their appeal is appropriately awkward and sweet. This flourishing relationship separates Morty from Rick, which causes Rick to bring his heartbreaking summer to a hat-trick on planets that are celebrating the upcoming end of the world.

Morty went after Pretina romantically against the wishes of his parents. It is her four “children from every major race” that hinder them from establishing a relationship. They were young people in the cartoon image of the 90s, but now they have grown into an aggressive and domineering public relations team that controls Planetina’s life and image.

In a rage, Morty killed the four of them and took away the elemental ring they used to summon Pretina.

Morty is captured by Tina Tis in the third episode of “Rick and Morty” in adult swimming.
Adult swimming

Meanwhile, Grandpa Rick and Summer are partying on one of the three planets. Just like the end of the world, Rick meets a fascinating creature named Daphne, voiced by Jennifer Coolidge (American Pie).

Rick rescued Daphne from the destruction of her planet, and sneaked her to the next party planet to continue hedonism and explore their relationship. Summer doesn’t trust the newcomer, but Rick falls in deeper love.

Daphne only said “hello” in front of Rick, but gave up when she was alone with Xia Xia. In an incredibly disturbing scene, Daphne showed off her glorious “elbow tits”, which ruined the king, sparked war and inspired nine national anthems. Coolidge played many comedy roles, but that day she had to describe her wonderful arm breasts, which must be the first time for her to appear in the language room.

In order to prove to Rick that Daphne was only using him to spend the end of the world, Summer avoided the apocalypse on the third planet and allowed Daphne to survive without him. She quickly abandoned our flawed genius, causing Rick to thank his granddaughter reluctantly for saving him and tell her how similar they are.

Star captain and Rick and Morty
Compare planet captains and mysterious superheroes side by side in “Rick and Morty” on Sunday.
Hannah Barbera swimming with adults

After returning to Earth, Morty and Pretina’s relationship began to deteriorate after a good start. The power of the environmentalists became more and more extreme, and eventually murdered innocent miners in front of Morty. He was forced to end his affair with her, breaking their hearts in the process.

In a show that often targets absurdity and exaggeration, their breakups are handled very delicately, lingering in Morty’s pain and anxiety. His mother, Beth, opposed the relationship, but went into his room to comfort his son when he needed it.

Who is Planetina?

Dubbing community with glow Star Bree, Planetina is a blatant reference to the 90s TV icon star team captain.

A short film montage directly from the 90s shows that Planetina, the “protectionist super figure”, also has the support of Tina-teers.The settings are very similar Planet Captain and Planet Porter.

Before the episode aired, Harmon shared a picture of Planetina on Instagram And revealed why he was so satisfied with the result.Since this episode features Brie as the protagonist and was written by his long-time collaborator Rob Schrab (Rob Schrab), Harmon linked it to his previous fan favorite sitcom community.

Environmental issues occupies an important position in “A Rickconvenient Mort”, and Planetina is working hard to save everything throughout the episode. When she began to disintegrate, she took drastic action because she could hear “the earth screaming”.

This is a weird nod to a real-life problem. Even Rick and Summer’s adventures on other planets include three apocalyptic events, Al Gore and The truth is hard to ignore Try to warn everyone.

Steve Buscemi also voiced a character in his series. He played Tina Tiel, the first menacing fire element Morty killed.

What’s next for Season 5 of “Rick and Morty”?

Independence Day is a week late, the next episode Rick and Morty, Scheduled to be broadcast on July 11, titled “Rickdependence Spray”.

Each episode is broadcast on the Adult Swimming Channel every Sunday at 11pm.

Rick and Morty Episode Three
A still image from episode 3 of Season 5 of “Rick and Morty” shows the pair avoiding acid rain and wearing custom T-shirts.
Adult swimming

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