Ember Times-Issue 84

ሰላም Humanitarian! 🐹

This week we have a new 🆕 EmberWeekly.com, ✨ Ember Mirage’s new documentation site, an introduction by the closing speaker of EmberConf 2019 – Sarah Allen 🗣️, a new theme for your Ember Twiddles🖤, and an exclusive for Ember contributor @rwwagner90 Interview!

Recently announced, Sarah Allen —— @ultrasaurus – will be shut down EmberConf 2019 speaker!

Sarah founded Blazing Cloud, a mobile development company, and Bridge Foundry, a diversity and inclusion non-profit organization. She previously served as a Presidential Innovation Researcher in the Obama Administration at the Smithsonian Institution and was an early engineer in After Effects, Shockwave, and Flash Video. She now leads the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure team, working on server-side incidents and security policies.

So must Register If you have not yet attended EmberConf!

Our friends are Embers weekly Launched a new EmberWeekly.com. @ebryn tweets The site includes their six-year newsletter content, which is completely exposed on the web and can now be indexed. This website is powered by Ember and Fastboot, and will help showcase the amazing things happening in the Ember ecosystem! 💛

Looking for Ember resources on the Internet? A great sharing link?Browse read or Watch and listen section. We think that the site also looks beautiful.

As @samselikoff Published on Twitter ember-cli-mirage v0.4.13 is now released and it contains a very cool feature.Old man Documentation site Retired and replaced with New shiny website use ember-cli-addon-docs.

As if this is not enough, ember-cli-mirage currently has 0 reproducible errors. Help by trying the latest version and see if you can spot any errors.

A kind New dark theme in order to Embers spin Now allows you to create, edit and share Ember code snippets in a stylish way🖤.

this project Ember Twiddle Solarized It is a UserCSS theme that can be installed in Firefox, Chrome or Opera in just a few steps.
View installation instructions Start playing around today!

Robert Wagner

In our fifth edition contributor interview series community members Robert Wagner, Also known as @rwwagner90 Talk about his work Embers inspector, His motivation for contributing and how get over Handicap to send a person First pull request.

You can read the full interview Embers Forum.

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This week we want to thank @greenkeeper[bot], @wondersloth, @tomdale, @Shutterstock, @givanse, @bhullarg, @西蒙尼米格, @btecu, @lock, @prasannavijayan, @alexlafroscia, Mansona, @jenweber, @Dayton Bobby, @chrisrng, @kennethlarsen, @amyrlam, @维兰德, @makepanic, @泊, @scalvert, @efx, @chancancode, @chadhietala, @pzuraq with @Turbo87 Thanks for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! 💖

Tomster mascot during office hours

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That is another package! ✨

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