Facebook is working on visual search for shopping on Instagram

Facebook is developing visual search technology for Instagram because it doubles the shopping function on the entire platform.Speak in the live broadcast On Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg stated that the company is in the early stages of building a camera-based search tool.

The function will be similar to Snapchat with Taste, They have invested a lot of money in visual search. Zuckerberg outlined two potential use cases for the technology on Instagram. When browsing Instagram, visual search can display similar products elsewhere in the app, or it can allow users to find products using images from their camera or camera roll.

Zuckerberg said: “When you find something, you can click on it and find similar products that people in all our stores are selling the moment they see something you like.” “We think visually. Search is very helpful in making photos shopable on Instagram as a whole.”


In addition to conducting a visual search on Instagram, Zuckerberg also announced, It will be available on Marketplace and WhatsApp soon. Facebook is already integrating WhatsApp chat, but now businesses will be able to create storefronts for chat applications.

The company is also committed to “store advertising”, which will allow companies to target ads based on “people’s personal shopping preferences.” Zuckerberg said that eventually, Facebook can further personalize these ads through special offers or promotions.

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