Surfside Condo will be demolished before tropical storm Elsa hits

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Officials are rushing to demolish the remains of the Surfside Champlain Tanan apartment complex The Sunday before Tropical Storm Elsa reaches Florida in the next few days, This may complicate response and rescue efforts in the area. Currently, the demolition Scheduled to be held Between 10 p.m. Eastern Time Sunday and 3 a.m. Eastern Time on Monday.

Elsa, this is a Category 1 hurricane early Friday and Saturday Until it weakens into a tropical storm, wIt is expected to pass through Cuba on Sunday and Monday. In a public consultation at 8 p.m. Eastern time, National Hurricane Center It was stated on Sunday that the storm is expected to travel to the Florida Straits on Monday and pass near the Florida Keys early on Tuesday. Current forecasts predict that Elsa will move near or over the west coast of Florida on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The storm’s current maximum sustained wind speed is close to 60 mph (95 km/h), The gusts are higher and are moving northwestward at a speed close to 15 mph (24 km/h). It is predicted that Elsa will be And six inches (5 to 15 cm) Rainfall in parts of the Florida Keys, Florida peninsula and coastal Georgia until Wednesday. A tornado may also occur in southern Florida on Monday and Tuesday.

The center issued a tropical storm warning, which means that tropical storm conditions are expected in the warning area. Head west from Craig Key to several Cuban provinces in Dry Tortugas and the Florida Keys.

Storm surge monitoring shows that life-threatening floods may be caused by the following reasons Rising water moves inland From the coastline, actually The west coast of Florida from Bonita Beach to the Suwanee River.

The center also issued tropical storm observation warnings, or warnings of possible tropical storm conditions, From the east of Craig Reef to the ocean reefs of Florida Bay, and from Flamingo north to the west coast of Florida on the Anclote River.

In Surfside, officials time out A search and rescue operation was carried out on Saturday afternoon so that engineers could protect and prepare to dismantle the wreckage of the Champlain Tannan Building. According to reports, the suspension is still in effect on Sunday New York Times, Which reported Demolition schedule.

Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett (Charles Burkett) said: “We want to make sure we control the direction of the building collapse, not the hurricane.”

CNN report The forecaster said that the center of Elsa will not be directly Affect surfing. But this does not mean it is clear. The exit pointed out that the town It may still be affected by the outer zone of the storm, and the area may start gusts and rain as early as Monday morning.

Burkert said that as the building was about to be demolished, the officials’ rescue work stopped and they needed to demolish the building to continue rescuing the people in the rubble.secondAccording to The Times, 24 people have died in this tragedy so far, but 121 people are still missing.

“As I said from the beginning, we have no resource issues. We only have luck. This storm is the latest challenge we face,” Burckett said Face the country.

On Saturday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Declare a state of emergency For 15 counties–Including Miami-Dade County where Surfside is located-On Elsa’s possible path. DeSantis urges Floridians in the southern part of the state Prepare for Monday’s heavy rain, flooding and potential storm surge.

Officials say that the demolition of the building is crucialg Once the threat posed by the remaining structure is eliminated, survivors can be found safely, CNN said. It may also help rescuers Enter the rubble area They could not reach safely before. At present, more than 500 emergency personnel and national staff are on the scene to help search and rescue operations.


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