TikTok’s AI is being sold to other companies

TikTok’s artificial intelligence No longer a secret-in fact, it is now on the open market.This Financial Times have learned The parent company ByteDance quietly established a Byte Plus branch to sell TikTok technology including recommendation algorithms. Customers can also purchase functions such as computer vision technology, real-time effects, and automatic translation.

BytePlus made its debut in June and is headquartered in Singapore, although it has offices in Hong Kong and London. The company is seeking to register a trademark in the United States, although it is currently uncertain whether the company has a business in the United States.

At least there are already some customers. American fashion app Goat is already using BytePlus codes, as are Indonesian online shopping company Chilibeli and travel website WeGo.

ByteDance will not comment on its BytePlus plan.

Such a move is not surprising, even if it may weaken some of TikTok’s reputation. It can help ByteDance compete with Amazon, Microsoft, and other companies that sell behind-the-scenes tools to enterprises. It can also be used as a hedge. TikTok and its Chinese counterpart Douyin may be close to a stable period, and selling their technology can keep funds flowing.

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