“Star Wars: Phantom” anime anthology will be available on Disney+ on September 22

You don’t have to wait too long to see how heavy the anime is Solving the Star Wars universe. Lucasfilm and Disney have Announce That one Star Wars: Phantom The anthology will be available on Disney+ on September 22 and will provide a close look at the short film itself. You will get 9 short films from 7 studios, each with a very unique view of space fantasy-including multiple tributes to Japanese culture.

Kamikaze duelFor example, this is a mainly black and white short film involving samurai-like Jedi and Sith warriors.Colorado Studio Tatooine Rhapsody Is a rock opera similar to Chibi (yes, you read that right), and Science Saru’s T0-B1 From Astro Boy Because it tells the story of a robot who wants to become a Jedi.

Vision May not’define the way Disney+Calendar Mandalorian Or the numerous Marvel shows so far. That being said, it does show how Disney is experimenting with streaming media—it is willing to experiment with formats that might not be available in theaters or traditional TV.

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