The tide is making the first space detergent

Astronauts will not throw clothes into the basket after using it once-if there is no laundry equipment, they will often wear items multiple times. However, Tide thinks it can be rescued.Procter & Gamble Brand Owned Join hands Cooperated with NASA to develop the first washing powder used in space. The fully degradable cleaner should remove stains and odors while working properly in a closed-loop water system, just like you find on the International Space Station.

Soon you will see a trial run in the real world (or rather, outside the real world). NASA will test Tide’s detergent on the International Space Station in 2022. “Mission PGTide”, as it says, will use Tide’s pens and wipes to measure the stability of ingredients in space and the effectiveness of decontamination ingredients.

Other research will explore the possibility of washer-dryer combinations that can be used for long-term missions to the moon and Mars.

The advantage of space is self-evident. Those lunar and Mars explorers have no choice but to wash their clothes-this cleaning agent can achieve this without reducing their precious water resources. It can also save the weight and space of the International Space Station and cargo compartment, because NASA does not need to send so many clothes into orbit.

In this regard, it may also help to wash clothes on the earth. Fully degradable detergents will be more environmentally friendly, reduce waste and save water. If you end up buying a cleanser that is good for the earth, don’t be surprised because it is designed for use outside the earth.

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