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This video ‘S recording EmberConf 2019 Available now!But first, please read the benefits of the following Volunteer at technical meetings 💪, an RFC Add npm dependency lint ✨, a new {{fn}} helper RFC 🎉, Data loading with Animation mode In your Ember app🌟, you don’t want to miss the guide Ember developer👩‍🏫!Enjoy some ✨ fan art @delusioninabox 👩‍🎨 and read the interview with Ember writer @pzuraq! 💬

@lisaychuang Share her experience in this year’s EmberConf and encourage newcomers to any technical community Attend technical meetings (And possibly volunteer! ).

As a volunteer, you can get:

  • Warmly welcome the community
  • Behind the scenes interview
  • A cold base camp during the meeting

Want to know more? Check out her post on Medium: 3 reasons why you should volunteer at technical meetings.

@阿隆斯基 Suggested plugins ember-cli-dependency-lint Should be added to Default blueprint.

This lint helps us to detect early whether our plugin depends on the same package but uses a different version. In this case, Ember CLI will merge all versions into one. This may cause our application to exhibit unexpected behavior and become difficult to debug. 😨😰😱

You can understand ember-cli-dependency-lint Plugins and how to resolve dependency conflicts https://github.com/salsify/ember-cli-dependency-lint. Be sure to leave your comment Current proposal.

View {{fn}} Help RFC by @rtable This introduces explicit parameter passing for the functions in the template.

This {{fn}} The RFC should resolve some of the complexity and confusion surrounding the current operational assistants.new {{fn}} The helper will receive a function and a set of parameters that are partially applied to the function (no need to build private API), and the context binding will use @action The decorator in the class.

More information about the detailed design of the proposal, including comparisons with action assistants/modifiers and some alternatives View the complete RFC.

@jaylee2, Participating for the first time EmberConf, Share one Tutorials On how to load complex data in a predictable way and how to Use animation Activate your Ember application.

This Tutorials Covers how to use Embers animation with Web Animation API Help make your application feel more dynamic and beautiful!

Another interesting area explored in this tutorial is Predictable data loading, Overcome the mistakes you may encounter when owning models and relationships and how to use them Human data storefront Help solve some of these problems! It is definitely worth a try!

read full text Some video previews or view previews next to it Demo application From the tutorial.

While realizing that she is no longer a beginner, @danielleadams Record what she thinks More experienced developers can do help Those ones Newer Go to the technology industry and serve as a developer.Look at her Blog post On this issue, it stems from her experience tutor At EmberConf!

If you missed the opportunity to watch the speech EmberConf 2019, Don’t worry anymore!Starting today, you can Watch all of them on YouTube. Please like the video and Share them With your team, community, family and friends! 💜

@delusioninabox Created a Comics About being able to work with Ember again after a long time. like, Retweet, Or comment Post on twitter!

In the 9th edition of the Contributor Interview Series, community members Chris Garrett, Also known as @pzuraq, Tell the story of his involvement Mother tongue class with Decorator In the embers. Chris also explained why everyone in the community is eager to help Make your contribution A real success And ✨

You can read the full interview Embers Forum.

read more

This week we want to thank @Turbo87, @约汉米什金, @chancancode, @赛博诺克斯, @bartocc, @pzuraq, @Chrisdon, @chadhietala, @rwjblue, @runspired, @Lauerb, @efx, @dcyriller, @igorT, @rwwagner90, @丹文泽尔, @toddjordan, @Dayton Bobby, @kennethlarsen, @jenweber, @dfreeman, @scalvert, @czosel, @RichardOtvos, @dmzza, @Clayton Turner, @mdbiscan, @zachgarwood with @Charizard Thanks for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! 💖

Tomster mascot during office hours

Want to know about Ember, Ember Data, Glimmer, or plugins in the Ember ecosystem, but don’t know where to consult? Readers’ questions are only answered for you!

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That is another package! ✨

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